Postpartum Can Feel Overwhelming & A New Brand Wants To Change That

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mbg Beauty and Lifestyle Senior Editor
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Postpartum Can Feel Overwhelming & A New Brand Wants To Change That

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There are plenty of companies out there targeting pregnant women—and, too, books and articles helping a woman through what's happening to her body. And on the other end, there are plenty of companies and content targeting moms and kids. But the time immediately following birth? Decidedly less so. Postpartum is a time still veiled in some elements of secrecy. As a woman who's never given birth, I can pretty confidently say: I have little to no idea of all the things a woman might go through. I'd wager that's true of many.

Well, there's a new brand on the market aiming to change that, at least for the mothers going through it. The just-launched brand Bodily is one part content creator, one part product innovator: It has informative, what-to-expect, and research-backed articles—as well as kits full of postpartum necessities. The brand founder, Tovah Haim, says she started it after becoming a mother herself.

"After the birth of my first child, I could not believe how completely blindsided I was by experiences in recovery that I found out later were not only normal but entirely predictable," Haim tells us. It was that I couldn't believe no one talks about this realization that led her to do something about it. "In this day and age, with the internet at our fingertips and information abounding, I was just shocked that the common experience for women in the recovery from birth and pregnancy could find anyone unprepared—let alone so unprepared that you'd be rocked by it."

That's why on the site you'll find info on just about anything and everything you might go through as a new mother. The site is categorized into "Birth recovery & postpartum" and "breastfeeding." Both sections have a fully fleshed-out timeline of what's going on with your body, researched-backed content about all the things you might experience (like postpartum contractions or your body's changes), and the previously mentioned kits and products.

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A moment on the kits and products: According to the brand, these, too, are grounded in research, meaning they're not pushing fad products—just well-made, safe essentials. Take for example, their Nip Needs kit: It comes with organic, reusable breast pads to shield your clothing from leaking milk and two plant-based balms, one for nourishing the skin and the other for protecting it. Or their V-Kit, which comes with comfortable mesh undies, pads, sitz salts and tub, and more. (They also have a C-Kit, which is for caesarean births). The products are also, from a purely aesthetic standpoint, beautifully designed. It's absolutely not the most important point, but it's nice when a product can be lovely to look at and effective.

If anything, this launch can serve as an important reminder for us all that what a woman goes through during and after pregnancy shouldn't have to be talked about in hushed tones.

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