This Keto Breathalyzer Will Make The Keto Diet So Much Easier

Written by Caroline Muggia

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One of the more complicated aspects of the keto diet is knowing if you're in a state of ketosis. "Some people just 'know' they are in a state of ketosis," says gut health specialist, Vincent M. Pedre, M.D., but others have to resort to more drastic measures like pricking your finger multiple times a day or peeing on a ketone strip. But now, thanks to Keyto, a new breath analyzer and accompanying app, the ketogenic diet has gotten more doable.

High in good quality fats, low in carbohydrates, and moderate in protein intake, the keto diet is all about eating in a way that allows your body to efficiently burn fat. By keeping your blood sugar low, the body requires less insulin and turns on other fat-burning hormones. This shifts your body's primary fuel source from glucose to fat-derived ketones in a state called ketosis. Measuring this state has been fairly limited to a ketone meter, which involves a finger prick and tests for the ketone beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) in the blood, or a urine test, which analyzes, you guessed it, your urine to know if you're in the zone.

Here's where Keyto comes in. Keyto is a breathalyzer paired with a mobile app that can tell you not only if you are in ketosis, but what lifestyle changes you could make to hit your goals. Ready to ship in January of 2019, Keyto is running 99 dollars on Indiegogo but will eventually be 179 dollars full price. While there are other keto breath analyzers out there, none so far have an accompanying app with keto friendly recipes and an option to reach out to others on their keto journey.

While many promote "going keto" to lose weight (and this certainly could happen), there are a host of benefits—like increased energy, disease prevention, improved mental clarity, and reduce inflammation—that make the switch to this high-fat and low-carb diet worthwhile. If you are interested in trying out the keto diet, we have all your questioned answered, plus once the new year starts you can count on Keyto to track your progress.

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