This Is How Much Sugar Kids In The US Are Eating — And It Ain't Pretty

Photo by Marija Kovac

If you're walking through Times Square today and you happen to notice a glittering, three-story-tall, 24-foot-wide structure, don't be dazzled by its beauty—be appalled.

Photo: KIND Snacks

The new activation, created by KIND to coincide with the launch of their new 100% fruit snacks, represents the amount of sugar kids in the United States are consuming every five minutes, a whopping 45,485 pounds. The company also conducted a survey, which revealed our country's startling confusion about sugar:

  • 79 percent of parents don’t know what added sugars are.
  • 76 percent of parents don’t know how much added sugar their kids should limit themselves to in one day.
  • 77 percent of parents think their kid consumes less added sugar than the average child, yet, 85 percent of parents don’t know how much added sugar the average child eats in one day.
  • Children in the United States are eating 4.7 billion pounds of added sugar every year—enough to cover 1,740 football fields.
  • Children in the United States are eating 13.1 million pounds of added sugar every day—enough to fill 273 yellow school buses.

They also pointed out that terms we look for to denote health (such as "made with real fruit" or "natural") aren't regulated by the FDA, so a product could contain largely processed sugar and a touch of real fruit—and still make misleading claims on the packaging.

The installation and accompanying stats point to our general confusion about sugar, something we've long been aware of here at mbg. The first key to taking control of your health is increasing awareness about what you're actually consuming, and if seeing the mountain of our sugar consumption in real life helps that, we're all for it.

Looking to quit sugar? These are the eight best tips we've ever heard for cutting the sweet stuff out of your diet—for good.

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