This Celebrity-Favorite Hair Product Just Dropped & We're Freaking Out

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This Celebrity-Favorite Hair Product Just Dropped & We're Freaking Out

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After years of interviewing celebrities, stylists, and, well, just people in general, I've found there are a few products that have cemented themselves as certified classics. Vintner's Daughter's serum inspires oohs and ahhs of jealousy. Tatcha's moisturizers make you wonder, How did they make a texture so delightful? upon first application. A little pot of RMS's concealer will make you rethink what makeup can look and feel like.

Among this list of hero products and top-shelf favorites, is Davines Oi Oil. It's a product you see pop up over and over again in interviews as being the best smoothing and hydrating hair oil on the market: People obsess over this stuff. And rightfully so: It's made with a blend of oils that offer shine, manageability, and an unbeatable scent (it's floral, citrusy, and musky all in one).

And Davines as a brand is certainly worthy of celebration in its own right. The brand's core mission—I mean, other than good hair—is ushering sustainable packaging and ingredients into more mainstream beauty. And with every purchase, they donate to environmentally friendly causes, year-round.

Well, as part of their Oi line, they just dropped a new treatment: Oi Hair Butter, and I cannot get enough of it. It joins a collection of conditioner, shampoo, milk, body wash, and hand balm. The active ingredient in this iteration is roucou oil. It's rich in ellagic acid to fight free radicals and environmental damage. It can also stimulate melanin production in strands, to help ward off grays. It also contains a ton of beta-carotene, so it's great for healthy hair growth. The ingredient will likely be the Next Trendy Ingredient in hair care—so you'll likely start to see it in more and more products coming out, like we saw happen with jojoba oil or argan oil.

The texture of this product is exactly as it's named: It's dense, thick, and a little goes a long way. (It might be too thick for fine hair, but if your fine hair needs some damage repair, and you're desperate for some help, try this as a pre-shampoo treatment instead. You'll get the hydration without the weight.) It's best suited as a weekly intensive treatment—just swap for your conditioner, and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it out. And just be mindful not to overload your hair; I am one to be a little overzealous with conditioners and the like, but you do not need much of this.

So if you, like many in the beauty world, are obsessed with Oi Oil, this is a must.

Shop Davines Here:

<p>Davines Oi Hair Butter</p>

Davines Oi Hair Butter

Davines $44
<p>Davines Oi Oil</p>

Davines Oi Oil

Davines $45

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