This Is The Ultimate Travel Playlist

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This Is The Ultimate Travel Playlist

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Music has a profound impact on our mood. One sad song can put you in a melancholy state for the rest of the day; on the flip side, hearing a toe-tapping, hand-clapping favorite tune can pull you out of a funk in two minutes flat. There's music to help you concentrate and music to put you in a meditative state. With mbg's annual wellness event, revitalize, coming up this weekend, everyone on our team has been experiencing what feels like the full spectrum of human emotion. We're excited about hearing the amazing speakers, impatient for the epic activities, and anxious to make sure we've got everything we need before we hop on the plane.

Seeing as one of the major themes of revitalize this year is mental health (shoutout to ESPN journalist Kate Fagan who'll be speaking on the topic this weekend), making a travel playlist full of songs designed to soothe the nerves and reenergize the sleep-deprived seemed like the only viable option. So, I asked some of this year's revitalize attendees for one or two of their favorite travel tunes (Jason Williams, ever the over-achiever, contributed four), and filled in the rest with my own best-of hits.

But you don't have to be headed to revitalize to sink your teeth into these tunes. Whether it's your morning commute or a globe-circling sabbatical, any sort of travel can feel like a whirlwind of adventures, experiences, and possibilities—or a series of unfortunate events designed to punish you for...well, you're not quite sure what.

The experience you have on every journey in life is defined by one thing: your mindset. So, consider this the soundtrack to your next great adventure. These songs will chill you out (without putting you to sleep) and help you approach everything that comes your way with openness, gratitude, optimism, and strength. If you find yourself becoming one of those people who can't wait to get to the airport, well—you've been warned.

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