It's About Time You Tried A Grounding Practice For Your Anxiety

Written by Savannah Shea Blake

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I’ve battled with anxiety for most of my life. When I was growing up it was social anxiety. Once I became an adult, my social anxiety went away, only to be replaced by anxiety about my health. I’m an overthinker, often getting lost in my own thoughts—so much so that reality seems to bend sometimes.

My anxiety makes me feel like I'm lost at sea.

I believe very strongly in the concept of mind over matter, and it's probably because I'm often at the mercy of my mind. My thoughts and anxieties seem to rule my life—sometimes causing me to feel detached from physical reality, like I’m floating or dreaming in a nonphysical world.

This is where grounding comes in. Grounding is a method I use to control my anxiety-ridden brain and body by connecting myself to the physical world. When I'm grounded, I feel more stable, secure, and connected to the here and now. So when I start feeling overwhelmed, floaty, or panicky in any way, I have an envisioning meditation that helps me to connect to the earth, tethering me to it and bringing me back into the physical realm, where I can feel more relaxed and safe.

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This pyramid meditation always makes me feel grounded.

Find a comfortable position either lying down or sitting cross-legged or in a supportive chair. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

Take slow, deep breaths in and out through your nose, feeling the way your lungs and stomach fill and empty and the way your chest and belly rise and sink.

Imagine a four-sided pyramid surrounding you. Clear enough for you to see out of it and yet a burnt-orange color, which you find calming and satisfying. The top of the pyramid points to the sky, like a crown, just above your head. The base of the pyramid sinks just below the surface of the earth, securing you to it.

The pyramid is made of the strongest material you’ve ever come across—something otherworldly that you couldn’t hope to explain. It’s impenetrable and perfect. Nothing can touch you here, nothing can reach you or influence you in the slightest. You’re completely safe.

There seems to be a force of energy flowing through you from your head to your toes, anchoring you to the bottom and collecting all of the stress, worry, and negative emotions that you are holding on to as it travels down your body.

With every wave of this energy you feel lighter and more relaxed as all of the tension in your body is released. Everything negative melts away as you sink into your protective pyramid, feeling more calm and secure than you ever have before. The earth is giving you her pure and soothing energy. Only positivity is left. Smile. All is well.

I try to carry this feeling with me all day.

I use this grounding pyramid to help me conquer my anxiety while driving. Since the pyramid is impenetrable and protective, I know that by visualizing it around me I am safe. I also use it in situations that bring me social anxiety like super-crowded public places or if I'm just having one of those days when every social encounter stresses me out. I carry the pyramid around with me throughout the day, but you don't have to focus on it continuously. Place it around you and trust that it will stay there to keep you grounded, connected, and calm.

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