8 Ways To Navigate Change With Tonight's Taurus Full Moon

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As the Taurus full moon lights the skies just one day after alchemical Scorpio season arrives, and makes close contact to revolutionary Uranus, change is certainly in the air. But this grounding Taurean lunation can bring us back to our good senses, giving us a guidance system to navigate any wild fluctuations. As the star sign of the tenacious and opinionated Bull, sensual Taurus can also help us root into pleasure and inner peace. Get out in nature and enjoy the crisp fall air, indulge your earthly appetites with some shopping or a decadent meal, or even pamper yourself with a relaxing massage or a spa pedicure.

As the second full moon to fall after the autumnal equinox, this lunation is known as the full Hunter's Moon by some Native American tribes. The Taurus full moon rises early, just after sunset, and will set around sunrise. It is the only night of the year when la luna will put on a celestial light show all night long.

Full moons are typically times of harvest, where we reap the benefits of the corresponding new moon that occurred six months earlier since the Taurus new moon earlier this spring. If you've got your sights set on a target, this might be the day you go after it full-throttle, much like the "toro, toro" charging at the matador's cape. The sensible-yet-sensual Taurus moon can come swooping in for the save, however, reminding us all that good things come to those who wait patiently. If you messed up, don't get emotional about it. Lean into Taurean pragmatism and humbly clean up.

Of course, under the headstrong and fired-up Taurus full moon, we must guard against even more extreme acts, as people could stubbornly dig their heels in and defend their positions, lessening the chances of productive dialogue. Take care, friends—and follow the mandate of principled Taurus to do the right thing.

Here are eight empowering ways to ride the winds of change of the fall season, and invite Taurus full moon manifestation into your life:

1. Follow due process.

Taurus is old-school and also a pragmatist at heart. Instead of reinventing the wheel or bucking the system, try a novel approach: Do things the way they were designed. Our culture is obsessed with anything new, and now more than ever there's a continued global cry to squash the patriarchy. As a result, everything's gotten annoyingly complicated. The Taurus full moon reminds us that sometimes, trying too hard can muck up the whole process. At the Taurus full moon, you'll succeed in your world-bettering and consciousness-raising endeavors with honesty, humility, and good old-fashioned hard work. Following simple, thoughtful steps is the fast path to results now. But it's going to take more than hashtag activism: It's going to take real nose-to-the-grindstone effort.

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2. Practice presence.

The idea of "being in the moment" can sound like a platitude, something your yoga teacher says before everyone rushes off post-savasana to check their iPhones. The Buddhists know that being Zen is achieved by finding the rhythm, flow, and grace in the mundane—the notion of "washing your bowl" or "chop wood, carry water." Taurus governs the zodiac's house of daily routines and is also ruled by sensual Venus (currently retrograde in shamanic Scorpio). At the Taurus full moon, find beauty in boredom, wisdom in waiting, holiness in the humdrum, and the test within tolerance. We always joke that enlightenment isn't measured by how long we can meditate but that it's enduring the crazy without losing our cool. Try to breathe through something that seems really murky and just plain crappy right now. Remember: It's always darkest before the dawn.

3. Treat yourself to something beautiful.

Taurus rules the zodiac's second house of work, money, earned income, and material prosperity. It may be considered gauche to flaunt wealth, and part of the New Age culture is definitely an unspoken disdain for consumerism—well, outside of approved brands these days (don't get us started). Understandably, capitalist greed is wreaking major havoc on our planet now. But we're still "spiritual beings having a human experience"…and that means we live in a three-dimensional world, reliant on our five senses. At the pleasure-loving Taurus full moon, spending money is a way of affirming the universe's generosity by enjoying its tangible bounty. It sends a message to the universe: I trust you to take care of me!

If you struggle with fear or scarcity around money, the Taurus full moon is a reminder that money is energy, and we have to put it back into the universal supply by keeping it in circulation.

Indulging yourself is a must under this lunar spell. "Where is the joy in life without a taste of the finer things?" asks Taurus. Treating yourself like royalty sends a powerful message of "I'm worthy" to the psyche. Since Taurus governs our self-esteem, this boost will be well-timed. But nothing flashy or over-the-top please—practical luxury doesn't have to break the bank! Taurus is about timeless elegance and tasteful choices.

4. Follow your nose!

Sensual Taurus knows the power of subtle cues, like the texture of luxe fabrics, the richness of gourmet food, and the olfactory power of a fine eau de whatever. Taurus energy is particularly cued in to the sense of smell. You might head to a perfumerie with a blending bar and develop your own signature scent. If you're more into the natural, play with essential oils until you find the right combination. Your skin's pH also makes a difference. Get samples of scents you like and let them sit on your wrist for a few hours to see how they change. A spray from the bottle alone will not be enough to determine if a scent is right for you. Set up a diffuser in your house so you're bathed in the glorious aromas the moment you walk through the door. Take a deep breath in and allow the aromas to gently relieve the stress and anxiety you are undoubtedly experiencing. Ahh—now isn't that better?

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5. Shout it from the rooftops.

Taurus rules the throat (and the throat chakra), and this expressive full moon wants us to use our voices. Whether you're campaigning for a cause, singing karaoke, or finally letting someone know how you REALLY feel, verbal expression is the name of the game now.

Caveat: Full moons are highly emotional times, so if an unfiltered rush of feelings could cause a meltdown, vent to a neutral third party before storming off on a tirade. Remember that the raging Bull can do damage upon seeing red. A little anger management goes a long way. How can you get your point across in a way that is proactive rather than destructive? Meditate on that, then speak your peace.

If your words haven't been getting the impact you desire, use the Taurus full moon to bring your throat chakra back into balance. Chanting and singing can help with this, as can drinking lots of water to bring more flow through your throat. This chakra is associated with the color blue. Wear a choker with blue stones or slip on an azure turtleneck. Make more of a point to listen this week too (even when you don't agree with what you're hearing), as gathering information from all sides can help you better shape your words.

Toning, or sound therapy, is also a great healing modality. For something really cutting-edge (and oh-so Taurus), check out The Integratron, an amazing structure built on a geomagnetic vortex in the Mojave Desert, where visitors experience an hourlong "sound bath" from quartz crystal singing bowls played at waves to match each chakra.

6. Reaffirm your values.

What do you believe in and stand for the most? It's time to get behind it! Be it gender equality, women's rights, human rights, or civil liberties, Taurus governs self-esteem and values. No, you don't have to be bullish about your morals. But having a guiding principle or two can give your life shape and direction. Be sure to practice what you preach—and if you're preaching, make sure that you are informed. If you've been loosey-goosey about your values, ground yourself in a mantra or a simple set of ideals that lend you some dignity.

7. Unearth the truth.

Because the Taurus full moon falls during investigative Scorpio season, people can get riled up in an effort to expose what's really going on behind the scenes. Often, the no-bulls*** Bull can take down one of society's "sacred cows." While we love Taurus energy for its sensible, bottom-lining approach, too much of this can veer into bullheadedness or black-and-white thinking—or even bullheaded acts of rage that are outright scary and unacceptable.

However, the Taurus full moon DOES push us into uncomfortable terrain, asking us to look beyond idealized views. The Taurus full moon, at its highest vibration, can help us champion integrity without destroying anyone's character along the way.

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8. Hug a tree.

Earthy Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and rules our rootedness, helping us develop the ability to build and manifest from a solid foundation. Nothing represents that kind of stability better than a hundred-year-old tree towering over our heads. If you can't bring yourself to wrap your arms around that trunk, sit underneath it or lean on it for a few. Visualize yourself absorbing its strength, security, ability to grow and regenerate. Thank the tree for its lessons, take a picture of it to remind you that nature is resilient and abundant—and so are you. And hey, if you want to meet a friend for a matcha and vegan tapas afterward, we wouldn't blame you a bit.

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