Tara Stiles Opens Up About Overcoming Sexual Assault, Healing From Heartbreak, And Finding Lasting Love

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Tara Stiles is the co-founder of Strala Yoga and author of six books, including the new Guiding Strala: The Yoga Training Manual to Ignite Freedom, Get Connected, and Build Radiant Health and Happiness. She's also a new mom and a resident of DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York's latest booming wellness mecca.

Tara started her yoga journey in the woods of the Midwest where she grew up. Tara remembers spending hours practicing meditation (although she had no idea that was what she was doing at the time). She moved out to New York to become a dancer, which transitioned to modeling and eventually yoga—and at the time, yoga wasn't nearly as popular as it is today.

When she was just starting to dip her toes in the yoga world, Tara found herself at a retreat upstate where she met her now-husband, Michael Taylor. Her first impression of Mike was a good one (he was the only other person on the retreat who brought chocolate), and on their first date, he charmed her further by bringing his own sandwich, eating it on the floor of her studio apartment, and showing off his handstand skills. The two eventually got married, co-founded Strala together, and now have a beautiful 8-month-old daughter together, Daisy.

Despite the ease of Tara's life now, it hasn't always been like this. In this episode, Tara opened up about her what her experience with Strala Yoga has really been like over the years and the unique challenges that come with going into business with your spouse (at one point, she and Mike almost got divorced), and how being sexually assaulted led to a severe eating disorder. You'll also learn about the parts of motherhood Tara didn't see coming and what she thinks the future of wellness looks like.

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