7 Things You Need To Know Today (September 25, 2018)

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1. Lyme disease can be transmitted within 24 hours of a tick bite, thanks to tick bacteria.

New research published in the journal Frontiers of Microbiology examined the role of a certain bacteria and how it catalyzes and encourages the infection of Lyme disease in the host. Because of certain bacteria associated with ticks, it can happen in a day or even faster, serving as a reminder that detecting and removing ticks ASAP is the best way to avoid Lyme infection. (Medical Xpress)

2. NYC high schoolers are about to get a piece of eco-friendly swag.

Sarah Kauss, the founder of the chic reusable bottle company S'Well, just announced that she'll be giving all 320,000 high schoolers in NYC public or charter schools a S'Well of their own. While she can't guarantee that the donation will encourage students to give up single-use plastics, she's calling it “a great opportunity for us to make a strong public statement around why this matters." (NYT)

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3. Yet another reason climate change sucks: It's bringing on the pests.

A new study concludes that the warmer the world gets, the more agricultural pests we'll have to deal with. Beyond being annoying, these little guys could lead to significant crop loss around the world. Ugh. (PRI)

4. By 2060, a lot of people will have dementia.

Currently, about 5 million people in the United States suffer from dementia, which includes diseases like Alzheimer's. But according to a new paper published by the Centers for Disease Control, in the next 40 or so years, that number will look more like 13.9 million. (Quartz

5. With the number of smokers falling, the biggest preventable cause of cancer will be…

Obesity. According to a new report by Cancer Research UK, 12 percent of cancer cases in women are related to smoking, and 7 percent to being overweight. By 2043, carrying excess weight could be linked to even more cases of cancer than smoking in women. (Why women and not men? It’s simply because more men than women smoke, so it’ll take longer to see the shift.) (BBC)

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6. A regular bedtime isn't just about getting enough sleep.

New research from the Duke University Medical Center found going to sleep and waking up at the same time daily can also affect your heart health and metabolism. People with irregular bedtimes tended to have a higher BMI, higher blood pressure, and were more likely to have a heart attack or stroke in the next decade. Read more about the study here on mbg. (mindbodygreen)

7. Weight Watchers dropped the "weight" from its name. 

The company is now just "WW," signaling its shift toward a broader health focus. The rebrand follows recent backlash against the company's decades-long focus on weight loss and reflects the company's move to modernize itself amid changing definitions of "wellness." (BBC)

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