5 Things You Need To Know Today (July 10, 2018)

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1. You could be talking to your baby—just not with words.

New studies have shown that babies are born able to process touch at far more advanced levels than previously assumed. By attaching painless EEG caps to babies' heads, researchers were able to see the parts of the brain that responded to touch—including a robust reaction to touching the lips. Cue the awww. (NYT)

2. Natural vibrations may cause sleepy drivers.

According to new research, the natural vibrations of cars might make drivers sleepier, which can affect concentration and alertness just 15 minutes after drivers get behind the wheel. These findings from RMIT University could become crucial in reducing sleepiness among drivers and the number of road fatalities linked to sleepiness. (Science Daily)

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3. Go take a hike—for your health's sake.

A report published in Environmental Research found that living near green space—parks, street greenery, or natural vegetation—had major health benefits. Compiling data from 140 studies spanning more than 290 million people, researchers found that those with access to nature had lower levels of stress as well as a reduced risk for chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure. Just another great reason to enjoy the great outdoors. (Treehugger)

4. It's the last straw for Starbucks.

Yesterday, the brand announced plans to ban single-use plastic straws across all of its locations by 2020. Instead, they'll offer paper and compostable straws as well as strawless lids (think: adult sippy cups). It's a start! (mindbodygreen)

5. Our air-conditioning habits could spell trouble for the future of the planet.

A new study in PLOS Medicine predicts that as outdoor temperatures get hotter and we become increasingly reliant on air conditioning, the subsequent greenhouse gas emissions will lead to an average of 654 more deaths in the United States a year. Talk about a vicious cycle. (Earther)

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