7 Things You Need To Know Today (September 18, 2017)

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1. Baby food is getting a huge makeover.

A new 1,000-person survey from BabyCenter Brand Labs Insight (part of Johnson & Johnson) found that new parents are prioritizing organic, low-sugar baby food more than ever before. A slew of new startups including organic delivery service Yumi, plant-based Thistle, and paleo-focused Serenity Kids have cropped up to meet rising demand for healthier baby food. (FoodDIVE)

2. A celebrity chef is opening a new vegan restaurant.

Matthew Kenney, formerly of the popular upscale vegan restaurant Pure Food + Wine, is opening a new vegan restaurant in Manhattan, called XYST (pronounced "exist"). The menu will feature creative Mediterranean options, and there will also be cocktails, juices, and smoothies. (Eater)

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3. There's another reason to love your $6 latte.

According to a recent report, the world's high-end coffee obsession is helping revive industry in Africa. The continent is actually the birthplace of coffee, but the industry was taking a hit until recently, with exports falling 25 percent since the '70s. (Grub Street)

4. Diabetes has everything to do with food.

A new study by Chalmers University of Technology showed that when it comes to type 2 diabetes in older women, several diet and nutrient biomarkers—especially those associated with red processed meat and saturated fat—can be linked to a seriously increased risk for the disease. (Science Daily)

5. There's a reason your online dates always go so horribly wrong.

According to a new study published in the journal Psychological Science, dating app algorithms are pretty useless. That's because no amount of data about our dating preferences can really indicate whether or not we'll hit it off with someone. Well, at least we can always join a kickball league. (NY Mag)

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6. Older adults are more prone to alcohol abuse than ever.

Alcohol abuse is on the rise, especially in older adults. A new study, which collected data from 40,000 adults, found that drinking had increased in every age group since the early 2000s. They also found that the number of adults engaged in "high-risk drinking" has risen 65 percent in the past decade. (NYT)

7. At this children's festival, eating bugs isn't just acceptable—it's encouraged.

The Brooklyn Bugs Festival invites kids to try out bites like Aketta crickets with the goal of making this more sustainable protein source a part of palates from a young age. By teaching the next generation that eating bugs isn't all that weird, festival founder Joseph Yoon hopes to help make them a more mainstream food option by 2050, when there will be more than 9 billion mouths to feed worldwide. (NPR)

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