Saucony's Fully Biodegradable Shoe Steps Out Later This Year

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In their first-ever Super Bowl ad, Saucony has made a big statement toward making a smaller footprint.

The brand launched the commercial with a rhetorical question, wondering aloud "What if the shoes we threw away actually went away?"

The brief spot was launched as a part of the brand's Run For Good efforts, which looks to provide products and support for good performance, health, and community and includes other initiatives like supporting shopping local.

So will the biodegradable shoe be for running? Not exactly. It will be released as a part of their "Originals" line, which are designed for casual lifestyle wear.

The brand attributes not making athletic shoes to the higher performance requirement of those items but does also say that they intend to continue working to find sustainable materials for their performance products too.

The Biodegradable Collection will be made using materials that can be found naturally, such as organic cotton, wool, and natural rubber.

Not only is the company altering the materials involved in making the shoe, but they're changing how the shoes are made—and going back to basics. The company was originally founded around the end of the 19th century, and the eco-friendly new shoes will be made using the original stitching process they used way back then.

The biodegradable shoe isn't currently available, but the brand hopes to release the line by later this year. They also haven't yet told us how long the process of these shoes biodegrading will take, but they promise transparency once they finish their testing.

And if you're wondering what happened to all the shoes used in the ad, don't worry. Most of them weren't there, and those that were were donated to the Boston Rescue Mission.

While you can't yet invest in shoes that will return to the earth on their own, you can buy sneakers that are still eco-friendly and that work for any occasion.

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