Finally: A Probiotic Supplement That Has Eliminated My Bloating*

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Kendall King is mindbodygreen’s Social Media Strategist. She recently graduated from Ohio State University and lives in Brooklyn, New York.
Finally, A Probiotic Supplement That Eliminated My Bloating

Even the healthiest, most nutrient-dense foods made me bloat.

I've canceled many evenings out with friends because one meal or snack left me feeling bloated. It's been so bad that I couldn't do anything but head home and change into my stretchy pants. As someone who's relatively new to New York City living, still figuring out the rhythm of post-grad life, and prone to stress and anxiety, my gut troubles had never been worse. All too often, I would end a work day feeling fatigued, with a distended stomach, and head home to bed or to watch movies.

My gut health wasn't always this way. When I was younger, I could eat pretty much whatever I wanted without thinking much about it. But in college I was put on several medications over the course of four months. I didn’t realize it at the time, but those critical treatments were killing my good gut bacteria, along with the bad stuff. Since then, for years my digestion was never the same. Even the smallest snack of carrots and hummus or apples and peanut butter would make my bloating so uncomfortable I wouldn't even want to put pants on.

In search of a solution, I tried to eat as many probiotic- and prebiotic-rich foods as I could. I tried two different sources of refrigerated probiotics to overcome my sluggish digestion, but both made me bloated the couple hours following taking them. One doctor told me to have a serving of greek yogurt at 3pm everyday to replenish my good gut bacteria, but I felt no change. I even tried a tonic of apple cider vinegar, cayenne, and lemon in the hopes that it would rev up my digestion. But nothing led to sustainable, healthy digestion.

My review of probiotic+.

Based on my history, I wasn't sure if probiotic+, a new supplement from mindbodygreen, could help. But since it was developed in partnership with the health industry's most trusted supplement manufacturer, Thorne, I thought, why not give it a shot?



Four targeted strains to beat bloating and help reduce abdominal fat.*

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I take very few supplements. Despite a kitchen cabinet overstocked with half empty bottles, I've never been able to maintain a routine. I start taking supplements with high hopes but only stick with something if I can truly see it benefiting my body. probiotic+ is the first supplement I've been able to stick with—because it works!*

The proprietary formula was developed by the team of scientists at Thorne, and is the only product on the market that contains the four strains of bacteria specifically targeted to beat bloat, aid digestion, and maintain a healthy weight*—and that's a difference I can actually feel. Since starting probiotic+ I can now go from breakfast to dinner with absolutely no bloating and normal hunger cues.

I’ve felt—for the first time—the difference a healthier microbiome can make.


How probiotic+ affected more than my gut health.

I also noticed a few other changes: 

  1. Increased energy levels.* After just a few days of starting my mornings with probiotic+, I no longer felt a post-lunch slump. For the past year at work, I would sit down to a veggie-filled lunch, and within an hour I would feel the brain fog rolling in. I would need an espresso run just to make it through to 6 p.m. But now I'm left feeling clear-minded and fortified after my midday meal.
  2. Improved skin.* Ever since starting college, I have suffered from painful hormonal acne and congested pores around my jawline. Shortly after starting probiotic+, I started to notice fewer breakouts and smoother, brighter skin.* 

I made it a habit—and even look forward to—taking probiotic+ every morning. It's and it's a small daily habit that even when the world feels uncertain, I know is making my body, and my life, run a whole lot smoother.


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