A New Moon Ritual For Cutting The Cord On Limiting Beliefs

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The Pisces new moon is a juicy, watery, soft, and tender one. Pisces catches a lot of flak for being emotional, romantic, and mystical—sometimes to a fault. That means that this moon might make you feel more sensitive to other people's vibes. And guess what? That's OK! Every new moon carries its own unique flavor, making them moments to experience a sense of newness and refresh your own energy.

As the moon is symbolic of our emotions, our inner work, and our subconscious, new moons like this one offer the perfect opportunity to pause, review the last moon cycle, and course-correct before moving forward. This Pisces moon in particular asks us to look within at what hurts. Sometimes we don’t even realize how the pain we are carrying affects our work, our voice, and our relationships. As we begin this new cycle, ask, Who have I not forgiven? Who am I carrying resentment toward?

Give these toxic thoughts the middle finger in your mind.

When something goes "wrong" in our lives (which, by the way, is only wrong because we frame it that way), we likely immediately come up with a WHY and a WHO to blame. If only my dad were more present I would trust men more. If only I had grown up with money I could have gone to a good college. If only I wasn’t born with this weird hair that my family has. If only the government… The list of who we blame goes on and on.

But the truth is we get to choose how we frame our lives. This goes deeper than the old "half-empty, half-full" adage. It’s about constantly coming home to the possibility of the present moment. Easier said than done.

The brain is programmed to keep bringing up limiting beliefs of the past, so we have to work hard to reprogram that part of ourselves. As negative thought patterns come through during this next moon cycle, try to address them directly. Make your inner dialogue sound something like, "Nope, sorry honey. Not going to work this time!" Give these toxic thoughts the middle finger in your mind. Scream at them. We can visualize those fears and negative voices in whatever way we need to (movie characters, villains, mythological creatures) and then make sure we let them know they will NOT be running the show.

Now is the time to let go of those voices, those stories, those things holding us back from moving forward. This new moon ritual will get you started.

A new moon ritual for setting yourself (and others) free.

Keep in mind that you don't need to conduct this ritual right on new moon night—it will be powerful three to five days before or after this lunation. Moon energy tends to linger! For Moon Club, the digital spiritual mentoring program structured around the phases of the moon that I facilitate with my dear friend Ruby Warrington, we actually focus on phases for the whole week, so definitely feel free to fit this one wherever it fits in your schedule.

  1. Either with a friend or alone, tell the story that is the BIGGEST block in your life you can identify in this moment. Then write it down.
  2. Either burn the piece of paper or—if fire isn't your thing—flush it down the drain. When I feel like I can’t get someone’s old energy out of my head or heart, I'll write their name on a small piece of paper and flush it while saying, "I set you free!" Imagine doing this for whatever THING that is just driving you obsessively mad; pretty liberating, huh?
  3. After you release and forgive, give yourself a hearty sage-ing and dance to a song that makes you feel free of those old stories.
  4. Lastly, take a walk with your favorite tunes (phone on airplane mode) and ask for small signs as to what you should be focusing on for this next moon cycle. Pay attention to animals and signs around you and write down any thoughts, ideas, or inspiration that strike. Put them someplace you can keep revisiting throughout the next cycle.

This is your moment to reconnect with yourself. The start of a new era. A new energy. A recommitment to your path and your goals and your inner work. This moon cycle, Alexandra and my intention can be summed up with "I honor my ability to be empathetic and soft. And I cultivate my intuition as my superpower." How about yours?

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