PepsiCo Gets Nutrient-Dense With Superfood Startup Acquisition

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PepsiCo Gets Nutrient-Dense With Superfood Startup Acquisition

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PepsiCo is on a roll. This summer the company made a $10 million pledge for better recycling innovations, and as of this week, it's acquired superfood startup, Health Warrior for better nutrient-dense, plant-based snacks.

The chia-obsessed startup Health Warrior began after three college friends read the book Born to Run and were intrigued that chia seeds were a staple of the diet of super runners of the Tarahumara Native Mexican tribe. The curiosity led to action, and now Health Warrior makes on-the-go snacking easy with nutrient-dense bars packed with superfood ingredients like pumpkin seeds, quinoa, wildflower honey, and, of course, chia seeds.

"We fell in love with Health Warrior because they've nailed a very difficult trifecta in delivering simple ingredients, packed with nutrition, that actually taste delicious," Seth Kaufman, the president of PepsiCo North America Nutrition, tells mbg. 

This is the first investment under PepsiCo's new entity, The Hive. The incubator-like unit helps grow and create smaller businesses on the pulse of consumer trends. This strategic initiative gives PepsiCo appeal to consumers who are now looking to mom-and-pop brands for healthier options.

"Health Warrior is super on-trend. The team gets that more and more people want to lead a plant-powered lifestyle; they're seeking clean and short ingredient lists as well as lower sugar offerings," Kaufman said. While this is only the first company in The Hive, Kaufman says this is just the beginning for PepsiCo's organic endeavors.

Whether you're a longtime health enthusiast or just beginning on your health journey, it's always good news when a large corporation like PepsiCo supports healthy options. Also, rumor has it that Born to Run is required reading at the PepsiCo office, so we may just need to reread our copy and see if it sparks any similarly brilliant ideas.

As for what's next for The Hive? "We're just getting started," says Kaufman. "Stay tuned, it's going to be an exciting journey!" We can't wait to see what's next.

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