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Mindset Matters: How Essential Oils Can Stimulate Mind, Body & Soul

As we've looked high and low for creative ways to invigorate our wellness routines, we've discovered the power of essential oils and all that they can...

Devon Barrow
January 12

The Derm-Approved Way You Should Use Retinoids If You Have Sensitive Skin

Yes, you can use retinol on sensitive skin—as long as you're doing it right.

Jamie Schneider
January 11

6 Ways To Connect To The Capricorn New Moon (The First Of 2021)

Harness your highest aspirations and create a plan to accomplish them.

The AstroTwins
January 11

Pass The Tape: Why You Should Be Vision Boarding With Your Partner

Making a board with your partner is a great way to give life to your shared vision.

Sarah Regan
January 11

Why Some People Get So Red After Working Out + 3 Tips To Cool It

What's going on when your post-workout glow is a little too pink.

Alexandra Engler
January 11

The Surprising Way You Should Apply Liner On Your Bottom Lid

Perhaps it's residual hesitation from teenage makeup habits, but I've always thought the rule of thumb is you want to avoid bottom eyeliner.

Alexandra Engler
January 10

Why You Should Audit Your Beauty Routine Right Now, From A Dermatologist

If you've never stopped to think about your skin care routine, and the individual formulations in it, perhaps now's the time to start.

Alexandra Engler
January 10