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How To Diagnose & Save Your Sick Houseplant, Stat

Yellow leaves? Wilting edges? Here's exactly what to do.

Veronica Peerless
June 18 2017

The 10 Questions To Ask Your Dad This Father's Day That Will Change Your Relationship Forever

"We sat for two and a half hours. He regaled me with stories of his childhood that I had never heard before, moments from my own childhood that I had...

Andrew Horn
June 18 2017

Want To Get That Honeymoon Phase Feeling Back? It's Not About Communication, It's About This

"In my 25 years of conflict-resolution work, I've come to believe that working on communication to fix a struggling marriage is a waste of time....

Jeff Forte
June 17 2017

Astrology 101: What Does Your Moon Sign Say About You?

You probably know your sun sign, but most people don't realize how deeply their moon sign affects their identity. It shapes your subconscious—your...

The AstroTwins
June 17 2017

4 Signs You May Have Uterine Fibroids: A Gynecologist Explains

About one in two women will experience fibroids at one point in her life.

The Dairy-Free Avocado Ice Cream You Need To Try

Yes, it's real; yes, you need to try it right now.

Fany Gerson
June 17 2017

5 Ways To Get The Benefits Of Meditation (Without Having To Meditate)

It's not always healthy to meditate. Here's what you should be watching out for.

Courtney Sunday
June 16 2017

The Scientific Secret To Having Tons Of Energy Every Single Day

Tired all the time? Here's how to banish fatigue, according to science.

6 Things You Need To Know Today (June 16)

All the wellness news you need to know, including the role of drones in health care, the latest in organic produce, and fascinating research about...

Emma Loewe
June 16 2017

9 Ways Decluttering My Morning Routine Has Made Me Happier & More Productive

What one mindbodygreen editor discovered when she simplified her morning routine.

Lindsay Kellner
June 15 2017

These Are The Most Common Reasons Relationships End (And What You Can Do To Resolve Them)

"If you're in a long-term relationship, it's not a question of whether you'll encounter these challenges but when. What you do next makes all the...

Peter Kowalke
June 15 2017