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Eat Fat To Lose Fat? A Functional Medicine Expert Explains 4 Ways To Do The Ketogenic Diet

It's counterintuitive, but the biology behind this fatty diet is compelling.

Alicia Armitstead
February 1 2017

6 Things You Need To Know Today (February 1)

All the wellness news you need to know today, including the right way to say I'm sorry, the latest EWG research, and why we should embrace messiness.

Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
February 1 2017

11 Totally New Ways To Use Avocado (Trust Us, You Haven't Heard These Before)

We've got breakfast, lunch, dinner, AND dessert covered.

Liz Moody
February 1 2017

Here's How To Breathe New Life Into Old Clothes (No Sewing Skills Required)

Worn-out clothing still has purpose and value, and the last place it should be going is to a garbage dump.

Griffin Vanze
February 1 2017

Reset Your Digestive System With This 6-Ingredient Soup

Simple and delicious ingredients to make your body feel great.

Nicole Pisani
January 31 2017

Know Exactly What To Eat And When With This One Technique

Here's how to navigate grocery stores, make healthy snack choices, and give yourself permission to indulge—the mindful way.

Lisa Hayim
January 31 2017

How To Use Gemstone Sex Toys For Self-Love & Beauty

Here are five ways to use Chakrub crystal sex toys for self-love and beauty.

Vanessa Cuccia
January 31 2017

6 Things You Need To Know Today (January 31)

All the wellness news you need to know today, including France's new soda ban, how working out makes you smarter, and powerful new effects of...

Liz Moody
January 31 2017

The One Phrase Even More Powerful Than "I Love You"

"We paused. Something felt different. It was different because of that one little word."

Andrew Horn
January 31 2017

This Is The Year Of Wellness & Conscious Drinking. Here's Why

2017 is the year sobriety goes mainstream.

January 31 2017

Your Guide To Nurturing Your Adrenal Glands

Taking care of your thyroid and neglecting your adrenals is a huge mistake.

Fern Olivia
January 31 2017

How These 8 Yogis Exercise When They're Not Doing Yoga

How do yogis work out when they're not doing yoga?

Leigh Weingus
January 31 2017