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14 Semi-Brilliant Stay-At-Home Vacay Ideas For The Long Weekend

No matter where you are located or your situation, the idea of an escape probably sounds pretty intriguing right now.

Alexandra Engler
3 days ago

Calm On Demand: How To Do The 4-7-8 Breathing Technique

Try it out the next time you're stressed or unsettled.

Gwen Dittmar
3 days ago

3 Ways This Former NBA Player Finds Purpose (Even When Life Feels Scary)

After sustaining serious injuries from a motorcycling accident, Jay Williams' life was put on hold.

Jason Wachob
4 days ago
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Thousands of Years Later, Castile Soap Is Still The Best Choice

We're stepping in to explain why your best bet for multipurpose scrubbing is Castile soap.

Meg Phillips
4 days ago

How To Navigate The Convo Around Unemployment, From A Financial Expert

You aren't alone if you are experiencing some odd feelings around unemployment.

Brianna Firestone
4 days ago

Women Are Having A Lot Of Bad Sex During COVID, Study Finds

Women are having more sex these days...but it's not very good.

Kelly Gonsalves
4 days ago

This Year's Only New Moon In Gemini Is A Moment To Embrace Duality

This moon cycle could bring kindred spirits and synergistic connections our way.

The AstroTwins
4 days ago

8 Quick, Healthy Family Meals A Nutritionist Swears By During Lockdown

Meal planning right now must be efficient and adaptable; these are the dinners I'm leaning on in these challenging times.

The EWG's 2020 Guide To Sunscreens Is Here: 6 Things You Should Know

Times may be unprecedented in 2020, but you can always practice safe sun.

Jamie Schneider
5 days ago

Looking For A Fitness Challenge? Try This Fast-Paced Yoga Style

The benefits and poses you can expect in this fast-paced practice.

Jenny McCoy
5 days ago