7 Things You Need To Know Today (October 9, 2017)

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1. Is your local farmers market lying straight to your face?

Journalists recently did an investigation at an Ontario, Canada, farmers market and found produce that was neither fresh nor local. Originally thrown by the off-seasonality of some foods, reporters noticed labels and tags that indicated the food was indeed imported. Do your research, look for stickers, and talk to your farmers! (Canadian Broadcasting Corp. News)

2. When it comes to global warming, we may be entering a vicious cycle.

New research reveals that warming temperatures may spur periods of carbon release within forest soil. This adds more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, accelerating more warming. (Science Daily)

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3. Are "smart" workout clothes here to stay?

First it was the Fitbit, now it's the vibrating yoga pants and sensory running shorts. It seems that when it comes to gathering data around our athletic performance, these days it's all in the clothing—and new companies like Wearable X, Sensoria, and OMSignal are all on board. But will this trend stick? Only time will tell. (WSJ)

4. People with OCD understand what they need to do; they just can't make themselves do it.

In a study with a control group (people without OCD) and a group of people with OCD, researchers found that both groups responded to patterns in a ponglike game in which players try to catch a ball in a bucket by moving the bucket. Both groups had the same level of confidence in the decisions they'd made. However, the OCD group consistently made larger changes, even when the errors they were responding to were small, which shows that they weren't using the information from emerging patterns to determine their decisions. (Pop Sci)

5. Wanna be happier? Move to a city.

A new report shows that city dwellers are happier than their suburban counterparts. Researchers attribute this to the amount of exercise and casual social interaction city dwellers get (one study showed people who live in cities are less obese and more fit). Suburban sprawl ranked the worst for health, while true country living fell somewhere in between. (The Guardian)

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6. This next-level food wrapper is blowing our minds.

A Belgian waffle vendor at a food festival in Bali is experimenting with food packaging made from seaweed instead of plastic. You can eat it, but if you aren't hungry, it naturally biodegrades. This is the kind of innovation we've been waiting for! (Fast Company)

7. Having a green home might be harder than we thought.

A new study published in the journal Environment International found that even "green" public housing projects in Boston had at least one toxic chemical in the air both before and after renovation. You know what they say—it's not easy being green. (Harvard Chan School News)

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