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You say you want a revolution? Nice! So, uh, wanna make it a sexual one? (Wink, wink.) This Tuesday, October 10, bold and bawdy Jupiter steps into Wardrobe for his annual costume change, doffing Libra's polished pantsuit and tailored blazer for sultry Scorpio's fine French lace, fishnets, and sheers (all in noir). The last time the red-spotted planet visited this seductive station was from October 2005 to November 2006. Page back in your memoirs because similar themes may now arise.

Whatever the case, this upcoming Jupiter in Scorpio cycle—which lasts until November 8, 2018—is going to crank up the intensity for us all. In many ways, this is an awkward cosmic dance. Jupiter is a big-mouthed showboater, while Scorpio is like an international spy. Got secrets? Bolting them in the vault might be the worst idea now. Instead, start confessing and cleaning up. At least THAT way you'll be able to put your own spin on the story instead of leaving that in the hands of a nemesis.

When it comes to relationships, Jupiter in Scorpio plays like the most successful contestant in The Bachelorette's history, Trista Sutter, who herself is a Scorpio Sun sign. Still married to (Virgo) Ryan Sutter after presenting him with a televised final-FINAL rose in 2003, the mom of two just bought a camper and is dedicated to loving life to the fullest after her devoted husband came to her aid during a seizure on a family trip to Croatia this summer. Rock solid, so there for ya', babe, ride or die? Yep, that's what we're talking about here. Settling for less will just start to hurt after Tuesday!

While Jupiter is heading out of the Libra zone, another planet weaves in to fill the vacancy.

From Saturday until November 7, glamorous, romantic Venus hosts a homecoming parade through her native sign of Libra. (And yes, she WILL be crowned queen.) Valentine's Day in autumn? It could certainly feel that way for the coming few weeks as Venus in Libra rolls out the red carpet for Cupid, whose arrows are sure to hit the mark. Upgrade a few notches when it comes to planning date nights or swiping right.

As we spoil the ones we adore—and ourselves—sticking to a budget becomes a lot more challenging. This transit gives us a weak spot for life's finer things: haute cuisine, beautiful fabrics, art, music, and all kinds of luxury. So, yeah, watch the cash flow when following the hedonistic impulses. With Venus in Libra, money can slip right through our fingers—one of which might be rocking a very conspicuous piece of jewelry before November 7, if you're ready to go there.

Partnerships of all manner are blessed when the planet of peace, love, and harmony flows through this sign. But don't go soft during negotiations. Lawyer up! And if you're known for selling yourself short to avoid conflict, get someone savvy to play bad cop for you. Settling on fair terms on the front end is always MUCH easier than trying to settle a dispute later.

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