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Your May 2020 Numerology Reading Calls For Some Major Transformation

Kaitlyn Kaerhart
Numerologist By Kaitlyn Kaerhart
Kaitlyn Kaerhart is a New York-based numerologist and musician. She is the author of the upcoming book 'You Are Cosmic Code: Essential Numerology' and a collaborator on the upcoming astrology-numerology tarot deck, Celestial Bodies.
Numerology: The Universal Energy Of The Month Of May

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Galileo, the famous Italian philosopher, once said that the universe was "written in mathematical language" and only when we know this language are we able to unlock and understand the secrets of our universe. In other words, there is one universal language that we all speak—and that's the language of numbers. 

Whether we realize it or not, we are interacting with numbers every single day. The technology we rely on is made up of a series of 1s and 0s; the music we listen to resonates at specific frequencies; scientists measure space and time through mathematical equations. The more you learn to tap into numbers, the more you can begin to understand yourself and the world around you.

So how do we tap into this universal knowledge? The answer might lie in the ancient study of numerology. Similar to astrology, numerology can help us understand our life path, karma, and unique gifts—but instead of looking to the stars and planets for these answers, numerology searches for deeper meaning through the power of numbers. 

A universal numerology reading for May 2020.

In numerology, there is a collective energy that is felt throughout a calendar year, referred to as the year cycles. The year cycles run in cycles 1 through 9, as numerology deals primarily with single-digit numbers. Within the year cycles, you also have universal month cycles. Each month carries its own mini energy. Think of the year cycles as the macro, while the months are the micro. You can use these cycles to help you determine what projects to focus on, when to take action and when to rest, the best times for matters dealing with love and money, your most magnetic times, etc.

This year, we are experiencing a universal year 4 and this is because 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 4. This is a year focused on foundations and structures.

The month of May is a universal month 9. This is because May is the fifth month of the year, within our universal year 4 (5 + 4 = 9). The 9 represents the ending of a cycle. All the energy being felt during this month has been building up since March, which was our month 7. This is because the energy of the 7, followed by the 8 and 9, marks a great transitional period in numerology. This is the time when we must let go of what we no longer need in order to create something new. As the Buddha famously said, "Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again." This is the energy of the 9. 


The "9" represents transformation, death, endings, and the humanitarian.

This is a big month of releasing and reexamining what it is that we no longer need. Old patterns, wounds, and hurts may come to the surface this month. While endings can be painful, not all of them are! This month offers us an opportunity to step into a new paradigm that is more in alignment with our soul's highest evolution. 

The 9 also represents the humanitarian, making this month a powerful time to give back to the world around you. How are you giving back? What positive changes are you making for yourself and others? How are you showing and giving love to those around you and yourself? How can you be of service right now?

The world, more than ever, needs us to step into our most authentic expression in order to come together as a collective. Together we are able to make positive shifts and the changes necessary to overcome our collective struggles. 

As this is a month 9 within a universal year 4, endings may play out in regards to the structures and foundations we have built our society upon. The 4 is a challenging number that can sometimes bring us to our knees. Though it may feel painful, it is all in service to our higher good. Right now is an opportunity to build a world in which we can all thrive.

Were the structures we built our world on supportive and inclusive of all? Was that the world we really envisioned for ourselves? What changes must we make so that every person has the opportunity to live a life of peace and prosperity? These are the questions to reflect upon this year and, specifically, this month. 

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