Weekly Horoscope: Everything You Need To Know To Crush This Week's Tricky Transits

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On Thursday, Mars enters Pisces, and daydreaming will ensue.

Just when you thought you were going to plow through those end-of-year work assignments, you could get diverted to the Enchanted Forest…or onto some other random but fascinating quest. This Thursday, November 15, make-it-happen Mars floats into dreamy Pisces until December 31. Mars in Pisces is not exactly directional—but it IS quite soulful. The rest of the year is an ideal time for plumbing the depths, exploring life's mysteries, and bringing more compassion into daily interactions. In an increasingly divided world, this Mars phase can act as a healing salve and, since Pisces rules the feet, an invitation to walk a mile in one another's shoes. As the holiday season calls for peace and goodwill, we can shift the collective conscience by choosing love over fear and hate.

On Friday, Venus goes direct and offers up some second chances.

Cupid is back on the scene this Friday, November 16—bearing a quiver of freshly sharpened arrows in hopes of redeeming himself for the transgressions of the past six weeks. Since October 5, the love planet has been slogging through a retrograde cycle, challenging hearts and libidos everywhere. This backspin was extra intense since it took place in two of the most relationship-oriented signs: first seductive Scorpio then marriage-minded Libra from October 31. Venus turns retrograde every 18 months, and while these phases might afford people a chance to dive deeper into relationship bonding and exploration, they can still snuff out a certain "je ne sais quoi" between lovebirds (or artistic collaborators). And, since Venus rules fashion, here's hoping you didn't wind up with an awful haircut or an expensive but ill-fitting leather jacket you couldn't return.

Regardless, that drama will soon be in your rearview. As Venus reawakens, we'll feel the tide turning in a positive direction. Go forth and make up for lost time. Venus spends the rest of 2018 in direct motion through committed Libra then, after December 2, in intimate, ultrasexy Scorpio. Situations that seemed like lost causes could be blessed with a do-over—and someone you wrote off might actually earn the right to a second chance. No need to rush! Ease back into the dating scene or warm up slowly to people who left you feeling tepid since October 5. A better option may or may not come along, but if you've been settling, you won't be able to lie to yourself anymore after Friday.

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BUT Mercury also goes retrograde that same day...

Now for Santa's (or perhaps the Grinch's) most unfunny joke of the season. Just as Venus resumes peaceful forward motion, another planet grabs the retrograde baton on the very same day! From November 16 until December 6, messenger Mercury will reverse-commute through Sagittarius, the sign that rules travel, truthful outspokenness and grandiose plans. (The only exception: From December 1 to 6, Mercury will back into sultry Scorpio, arousing mistletoe mayhem.) Sending off fruit baskets and mail-ordering gifts? Insure those packages, whether they're coming from Nashville or heading to the "North Pole."

Mercury's meltdown can create some interference with inventory too. Have a backup plan in place in case your first picks are out of stock until February. And muffle the urge to talk about taboo topics during festive gatherings. There's a time and a place for venting about politics and religion, and it's probably NOT while a turkey is being carved or you're enjoying the open bar at the company's end-of-year soiree. Planning to travel before December 6? Get your tickets early this week. Mercury retrograde could scramble scheduling and spike the fare of your "should have booked it yesterday" reservation. The good news is that since you're reading this now, you should have a few days to get ahead of the winged messenger's forthcoming curveball.

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The AstroTwins
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