A Reinvention Ritual To Harness The New Moon In Aries

The new moon in Aries—the first sign of the zodiac—is upon us. The ultimate sign of the self, Aries stands tall, fiery, and ready to begin again. Coming off a long winter, it arrives to bring out our fire and encourage us to take risks in new lands.

Aries is a sign that values action over emotion, which means we should all use this time of year as a cue to breathe and feel into our bodies. Emotions are not to be avoided as we continue into the new moon, through Aries season, and on our way to Taurus season, where we will be asked to slow down, smell the roses, savor the taste of food, make out with passion, and dress beautifully. The journey through the wheel of the seasons, the astro cycle, and the night sky's cycles is one of magic, beauty, and mystery—and it all starts with this new moon.

Syncing your life to nature can be transformational because it provides a container, a dedicated space, for your inner work. Our everyday calendars, packed with tasks and reminders and meetings, engages the left side of our brain. When we create a relationship with the moon, we engage the right side of our brain—that creative, mystical side. And when we start infusing that creativity into our intention setting, it can dramatically change how we perceive and navigate the world. I have been charting my inner journey with the moon for 16 years, and it has revolutionized so much for me. It's even led me to co-create Moon Club, a space where other women can gather to grow with the moon each month.

So as the moon begins its cycle once again on Sunday, let's use the days around it to set an intention for the cycle ahead. If you're in the northern hemisphere, you can truly focus on what you want to manifest for spring and summer. And if you are south of the equator, you can still intentionally cultivate whatever you need this cycle and tend to your inner garden.

An Aries new moon ritual for new beginnings.

  1. Begin by setting some time aside when you can focus and relax into your creative mind. Light a candle or some sage or palo santo. Put on some tunes you are excited about. Put the phone on airplane mode.
  2. Take some time to reflect and journal. What seeds do you want to plant in your life right now? Do a check through all the areas of your life. Think deeper than surface here: self-esteem, self-confidence, radiance. Look deeply into what you want to plant.
  3. It's visualization time! If you have visualized before, awesome! And if not, no worries at all. We are going to keep this one easy for you. Begin by doing some deep breathing. Then sit, eyes closed, and visualize your heart as the most beautiful garden you have ever seen. Smell what it smells like. Take inventory of where it looks dry. And begin to visualize yourself planting it with a bounty of seeds—each one representing something you wish to cultivate. A new project? More self-love? A Beyoncé-style entrance every time you walk into a room? Whatever it is, visualize yourself planting it and watering it.
  4. Post visualization, take the messages you found for the cycle and write them out on a beautiful piece of paper to put on your altar or somewhere you look daily. You may want to photograph this and also use it as your phone background, screen saver, or post it on your mirror—wherever you spend a lot of time looking and being. Then find three items or props to help you stay aligned with your message and who you want to be this cycle. For example, I'm reaching for a pair of Brazilian amethyst earrings I forgot I had to remind me of my Brazilian grandma, a new notebook for business ideas to manifest money, and a picture of me as a tiny ballerina in sneakers to put on my altar and remind me I am an artist and a dancer.

Last weekend, I put my hands in dirt and actually planted physical seeds. If you can add this to your ritual, the earth will thank you for it. The seeds we plant now support the planet around us. It’s up to us to do the work and take the time, and then gently water with care.

Not sure what intentions to set for the cycle ahead? Check out these actionable ways to discover what your body is really asking for.

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