Marie Kondo Opens The Shop At KonMari Sparking All The Joy

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Marie Kondo KonMari Opens Online Shop

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Marie Kondo took the world by storm in 2019. The minimalist mogul's personal tidying method inspired people everywhere to find what "sparks joy" and get rid of anything that doesn't—oh, and fold scarves the correct way.

And today, Kondo announced that she's taking her organizational expertise to the next level by opening The Shop at KonMari.

The idea behind the shop.

An avid organizer from a young age, Kondo developed her signature KonMari Method to encourage introspection and personal growth through decluttering. One of the six rules she recommends following while embarking on a decluttering journey is to "imagine your ideal lifestyle," and that's exactly what the new shop helps people to do.

It features a range of simple, clean household products that are Kondo-approved and designed with function in mind. You'll find kitchen and cooking tools; aromatherapy candles and oils; bath essentials like towels, slippers, and soaps; along with some more interesting finds like this crystal and tuning fork combo.

While it may seem odd that a decluttering expert is selling people more stuff, the idea is that these items will help people display their most prized belongings in a beautiful way that sparks joy.

Marie's guide to purifying your space, for example, features some of the products Marie uses herself to get her home vibing high.

And the platform doesn't stop at the shop.

It also includes new videos on the KonMari philosophy and information on Kondo's favorite home rituals like making a bento box, arranging flowers, or using that aforementioned tuning fork. Extra tips and tricks for tidying can be found on the website too, as well as Q&A's with Kondo and other thought leaders in the decluttering world.

It just got a little easier to clear out the old, bring in the new, and curate a more intentional home. Peek around the site for gift ideas for the minimalist in your life—and check out mbg's holiday guide while you're at it for some more home staples that are sure to spark joy.

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