Need A Laugh? 6 Games To Help Your Kids Get Silly & Why It's Important

Written by Jennifer Scott
Need A Laugh? 6 Games To Help Your Kids Get Silly & Why It's Important

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Jennifer Scott is the New York Times bestselling author and founder of the Daily Connoisseur blog. Her newest book, Connoisseur Kids, is a timely guide to raising well-mannered, neat, and gracious children for parents, grandparents, and children of reading age. Parents and younger children work together to read about a wide range of topics: communication, table manners, tidiness, thinking of others, grooming, and health. Throughout the book there are activities, learning games, fill-in-the-blanks, letter-writing exercises, and recipes—for food and for slime. In this excerpt, Scott talks about getting silly, and how it can be beneficial for both you and your kid.

Laughter is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Have you ever laughed so hard that your laugh turned silent? Or have you ever laughed so hard you cried? When we genuinely laugh, we experience strong emotions of joy. And for kids, I think it's important to have games and tools on hand that they can turn to when they need a laugh: These are just a few ideas of what your kid can do if they feel sad, bored, or stressed. 

But quickly: Let's talk about stress. You might think that stress is something only adults have, but children can have stress, too. Like if they've ever had to study for an important test or worked on a school project with a deadline, they might've experienced it then. They could also have stress if there is a problem in their life that hasn't been solved yet or a situation that they're not happy with. Stress is an inevitable part of everyone's life, but it's important that we recognize when we feel stress and not let ourselves stay stressed for long. 

Here, six games to play when your kid—or you!—need to have some fun. 


Stone Face

Play this game with three or more family members or friends. The more, the merrier. One person will be Stone Face, and everyone else will be the jesters. Stone Face must sit down with a straight face and not smile or laugh. The jesters take turns to try to make Stone Face break into a smile. Each jester has 30 seconds. The jesters may not touch Stone Face. If Stone Face smiles or laughs, he or she becomes a jester, and the person who made him or her laugh becomes Stone Face.

Banana Challenge

Gather two or more friends or family members. Each person gets a banana. Take off your socks and shoes. Place your hands behind your back, and try to unpeel the banana with just your toes. The first person with an unpeeled banana wins! Try not to laugh during this game. It's impossible!


Elephant March Game

This game is the definition of silly.

You will need:

  • Softball or large orange
  • Pantyhose
  • 10 to 12 water bottles

Place the softball or large orange in the foot of the pantyhose. Place the pantyhose on your head (but make sure you can still breathe). The leg with the ball in it will look like an elephant trunk. Have the water bottles spread out in two rows in front of you. The object of the game is to swing your head and use your "elephant trunk" to knock down the water bottles. You must walk in the middle of the two lanes of water bottles, which will require you to swing your trunk well. You have 1 minute to do this. Take turns using the elephant trunk, and the one who knocks down the most bottles wins.


Dance Chain

This will help you get the wiggles out and your laughing on. The first person does a simple dance move, like the twist. The second person does the twist and then adds a dance move, such as shaking their right foot. The third person does the twist, shakes their right foot, and adds another move, such as jazz hands. Keep going with as many people as are playing until you are all dancing the same crazy long dance!

The Oinking Game

One person wears a blindfold. The other people playing have to oink like a pig. The blindfolded person has to guess whose oink belongs to whom.


The Laughing Game

In this game you will take turns asking one another questions. The person answering may only answer with a chosen word or phrase. Sample questions could be What did you sit on? Where do you live? What do you eat? What's in your pocket? Examples of chosen answers could be: stinky socks, squashed bananas, Granny's underpants. Choose whatever questions you like, and assign whatever chosen answer you like. The key is to not break out into laughter while playing. Very hard to do!

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