I Tried A 'Natural' Butt Sheet Mask To See If The Hype Was Real

Contributing Wellness & Beauty Editor By Lindsay Kellner
Contributing Wellness & Beauty Editor
Lindsay is a freelance writer and certified yoga instructor based in Brooklyn, NY. She holds a journalism and psychology degree from New York University. Kellner is the co-author of “The Spirit Almanac: A Modern Guide to Ancient Self Care,” with mbg Sustainability Editor Emma Loewe.
I Tried A 'Natural' Butt Sheet Mask To See If The Hype Was Real

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Sheet masks are everywhere, literally. Open up the beauty explore tab on Instagram and you'll see that people aren't just posting from their homes—they're masking in public, on planes, trains, and automobiles. So of course, sheet masks for your butt is where the trend went. Of course.

As the senior wellness & beauty editor at mbg, I feel obligated to disclose up front that I'm not the biggest fan of sheet masks to begin with. They tend to contain questionable ingredients at best, and at worst, they contain single-use plastics and nonbiodegradable, petroleum-derived fabrics like polyester. The sheer amount of packaging they require makes me feel guilty every time I use one. And since we don't know much about how all these ingredients affect our skin and our health, it's best to use sheet masks that have fewer ingredients, and better yet ones that are from recognizable plants.

So when Credo—a "clean beauty" retailer focused on natural, organic, nontoxic ingredients—sent me four different butt sheet masks by Bawdy, curiosity got the best of me (as it usually does). Each mask is supposed to have a different benefit: a firming and illuminating marine algae butt mask, a retexturizing and detoxifying mask with caffeine, a hydrating and toning one with plant-based collagen, and a brightening and rejuvenating version with citrus. I tried the firming and illuminating one because the package looked like outer space, and I'm into extraterrestrial beauty. I shared the others with willing colleagues who agreed to report back for the sake of this article. Bless them.

I had so many questions. How would this mask fit everyone's butt? Would it stay on when I stood up and walked around, or would I have to lie facedown the entire time? Perhaps most importantly, how would I know if it "worked"? I certainly couldn't get close enough to my own butt cheeks to see the difference, even with selfie angles and mirrors. Thankfully, a few trustworthy friends and my husband agreed to weigh in on its effectiveness.

When I opened the package, a gold-hued, shimmer-flecked liquid oozed out immediately, and to my delight, there was not one but two pie-slice-shaped masks in there. If you do your own butt mask, learn from my mistake and apply it in the bathroom, not on your nice bed linens. Printed on my sheet masks were the words "Shake" and "It!" which was a cute and ridiculous detail. The other masks said, "Slap it!" "Bite it!" and "Squeeze it!"

In terms of sizing, the individual pieces fit me but didn't reach the butt-meets-thigh crease as well as I was hoping, nor did they come close to the butt crack. Other testers said the same—most surface area was covered, but nooks and crannies were missed. Maybe future iterations will come in more accommodating sizes.

I applied each slice while standing and then proceeded to tidy up my apartment, do the dishes, and lie belly-down on my bed to do some mindless phone scrolling. Other mbg testers reported that their masks were much easier to apply than expected, and they were also able to move around while wearing theirs.

You're only supposed to keep the mask on for 10 minutes, but I kept it on for double that because I wanted to make sure I saw a difference. I took before, during, and after photos to share with my judges, who laughed out loud when they saw them. "It does look more glowy, but maybe that's just the lighting," one friend said. "It does look softer," another told me. The skin on my butt did seem smoother, softer, and more three-dimensional than before I used the mask—so it did brighten and illuminate the area—I'm just not sure how long the effects will last. I've never tried any other butt sheet mask, but I'd say this was just as effective as mainstream "conventional" sheet masks I've tried on my face. My fellow mbg testers agree.

The verdict? It was a cheeky (sorry) experience that had both physical and mental benefits. Meaning: Not only did my butt look more "glowy," but the whole thing was a hilarious experience to do and even more so to share—what more could you want from a butt sheet mask? I'd definitely do it again, especially if my derrière was going to see the light of day in a bathing suit. I personally won't be butt sheet masking on a plane anytime soon, but if this is truly the next wave of masking, I'm here for it.

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