The Morning Wellness Ritual That Keeps Actress Anna Camp So Damn Perky

Former mbg Deputy Editor By Elizabeth Inglese
Former mbg Deputy Editor
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Anna Camp's roles in True Blood, Good Girls Revolt, and the Pitch Perfect franchise keep the South Carolina native on her toes. Her famously peppy personas require a carefully balanced wellness regimen. Here's exactly how Anna stays energizes and glowing throughout long days on the set.

mbg: Growing up, did your family instill in you healthy habits?

Anna Camp: My mom, Dee, always wanted me to eat my vegetables. I vividly remember HATING anything green. Now, I can't get enough! I loved my mom's spaghetti and also when my parents would cook pancakes in the morning sometimes. They both were great at making pancakes.

mbg: How did you learn about healthy eating?

AC: I learned about healthy eating when I was in college through friends and teachers. I went to UNCSA, an acting conservatory, and we were taught to treat our bodies very well because they are our tools and our temples.

mbg: What does a typical day of meals look like for you?

AC: I usually have a bottle of water as soon as I get up and then make a coffee or latte with almond milk. Then, I make scrambled eggs, black beans, avocado, and salsa if I'm really hungry or have yogurt with blueberries and almonds with a bit of honey. For lunch, I'll try to have a salad with a bit of protein like tuna or chicken and maybe half of a banana with almond butter for dessert. For dinner I'll have salmon fillet with steamed veggies like carrots and broccoli and finish with some chocolate almond popcorn squares for dessert.

mbg: What keeps you energized during a long day?

AC: Definitely a handful of almonds and a green juice and water. I keep the almonds in the glove compartment of my car in case I get trapped on the freeway between meetings and auditions.

mbg: How do you stay fit?

AC: Cardio all the way. Elliptical, running, hiking, swimming (my favorite), and dancing are my go-to's for a great workout.

mbg: What do you do to keep balance in your life?

AC: I unplug by taking my dog Rocky for a hike in LA. I usually don't listen to music on the hike. Just connecting with nature and being out in the sun (wearing SPF, of course) is my way of unwinding.

mbg: What do you do to feel extra beautiful before a red carpet or shoot?

AC: I'm very careful with my skin and with products. I wash every morning and night with Kate Somerville gentle cleanser and swear by Mario Badescu Rose Hips oil. No lotions or creams for me.

mbg: Favorite weird beauty/wellness tip?

AC: I don't think I do anything weird for beauty or wellness. I'm pretty low-maintenance.

mbg: The drink that keeps your peppy?

AC: Iced almond milk latte with vanilla.

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