Melissa Hartwig, Founder Of Whole30, On Addiction & How Hitting Rock Bottom Inspired An International Health Movement

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Melissa Hartwig is the creator of one of the most successful diets of all time, the one that you or someone you know has tried: the Whole30. The Whole30 took over bookstores and watercooler conversations everywhere with the promise of not only increased energy, weight loss, and health but also freedom from the emotional ties we all harbor to food. What started as a husband-and-wife experiment quickly became a movement that's spawned a mega-successful website, three best-selling books, must-follow social media accounts, and more. Now, people know Melissa Hartwig as the super-fit poster child for the lifestyle, with a bright, seemingly perpetual smile and the kind of entrepreneurial, ecstatic life so many of us aspire to.

Few, however, know that Melissa's interest in health started after she hit rock bottom as a heroin and ecstasy addict who spent all day, every day, using. From the trauma that started it all to her divorce to the creation of the Whole30 to her life now as a thriving single mom who's changed the lives of millions, Melissa shares her untold story. No matter where you are in your personal wellness journey, her podcast interview will leave you inspired.

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