Everyone On This All-Female Basketball Team Is 80+

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Everyone On This All-Female Basketball Team Is 80+

Photo by San Diego Senior Women's Basketball Association

Think you have to be young and spry to dribble a basketball down a court? Think again. The San Diego Senior Women’s Basketball Association, which has 14 teams of women over age 50, has one team that stands out. They’re called The Splash, and every member of the team is 80 and over.

The members of The Splash aren't just there to socialize and get some exercise. They’re in it for the competition. “We play to win,” says 91-year-old Meg Skinner. And they have: The team just landed a corporate sponsorship with Miracle Whip for the 2017-2018 season.

In addition to providing them with an exciting purpose and a whole lot of fun, the women of The Splash hope to inspired other older women to get involved in sports.

"I was 78 years old when I got my first basketball shoes, so that was a thrill," 85-year-old Grace Larsen said in an ESPN segment released earlier this summer. "Growing up, we didn't have sports like the girls do today. We didn't have the opportunity to play. I thought, 'Gee, that would be so much fun if I could actually play basketball.'"

While it absolutely helps that the members of The Splash are getting regular exercise, the secret to their longevity may also have to do with how immersed they feel in their team's community. Studies show that having strong social relationships leads to grater longterm health, and that's something these women certainly have.

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