This Celebrity-Approved Probiotic Is About More Than Just Gut Health & Digestion

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Not all supplements are created equal. Just like foods, supplements vary greatly in terms of their quality, efficacy, and how much care was put into making them. In fact, knowing how to find the right supplement is one of the most valuable skills you can possess in a world with rows and rows (and rows!) of options. These are just a few of the reasons why, when you come across a supplement that stands out from the rest—that goes above and beyond—it's something worth noting. And Seed, a new line of probiotics does just that.

To put it simply, co-founders Ara Katz and Dr. Raja Dhir want to bring probiotics to the next level, and they plan to do this through science and sustainability. Their scientific advisory board includes investigators from the National Institutes of Health Human Microbiome Project and other doctors, authors, and microbiology experts and high-profile celebs like Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel, and Karlie Kloss have all played a part in the evolution of the brand. Why, you ask? According to Diaz, who we all know from any number of hit movies, explained that "I invested because the work Seed is doing in microbiome science and probiotics is a crucial new aspect of health that can effect real changes in our bodies."

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Their first two products—called the Daily Synbiot for both men and women—were designed to go beyond just digestion with strains that address heart, skin, immunity, and more. It's true that the bacteria that evolved with us and our bodies is about way more than just healthy digestion. Research has shown they play a massive role in things like skin health, brain health, and our moods. In that vein, the effects of a gut-healthy diet span far and wide. Seed wants us to know that our bodies are, by definition, an ecosystem, and we should start treating that ecosystem with the awe and attention it deserves.

Katz and Dhir are also committed to sustainability. Your first shipment of Seed arrives in a glass jar that is 100 percent recyclable. Then, your monthly refills arrive and you simply add them to your jar. They also send you a vial that holds 21 capsules to keep with you when you travel (no more plastic baggies!). Even crazier, when they arrive they come in a tray that was grown by mushrooms—or more specifically, by mycelium. Also known as the root structure of a mushroom, the mycelium acts like a glue that you can use to bind waste to create a product that replaces synthetic materials and composts in 30 days.

What's next for Seed and microbiome science in general? According to Katz, "Our pipeline includes cardiovascular health, dermatologic health, vaginal health, mother and infant health, and a big announcement we’ll be making before the end of the year."

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