Monthly Horoscope: The Vibe Of This May? Chill & Surrender To Divine Timing

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Finally—a bit of solid ground beneath our feet? May's cosmic lineup is blessedly uneventful—and it falls against the backdrop of Taurus season, weighing our collective anchor even more. As the Sun makes its annual rounds through the earthy, steadfast sign until May 21, take the opportunity to plant deep roots and let your ideas gain traction.

There's a time while a seed is germinating in the ground—or a dish is simmering on the stove—when it's best to just leave it alone. This month, that approach could serve us well. Instead of poking, prodding, and lifting the lid to see if something's ready, we can relax and let it all come together in its own divine time.

The new moon on May 4 is an opportunity to get pragmatic.

In the meantime, ground yourself by making a firm plan for your goals. The May 4 Taurus new moon is ideal for mapping out a "boring" but necessary set of steps that will help you complete your mission. Where would you like to be by the November 12 Taurus full moon? Pinpoint your destination, then reverse-engineer your moves.

With terrestrial Taurus in the house (and garden), do some literal "earthing," so dig in the dirt or try these indoor and outdoor Plantstrology tips that will bring verdant vibes tailored to every zodiac sign. Speaking of green, resourceful Taurus rules money and work. Make sure you're tending to your cash crop as well as your window-box herbs and daffodils.

There's another reason that things could feel plodding—and even stalled at times. Three planets are retrograde all month—JupiterSaturnand Pluto—each one having a longer backspin that began in April and will stretch into August, September, and October (respectively). We're all being asked to go back to the drawing board and review our plans. If you leapt into a risky endeavor or overshot the mark, recalibrate now.

On May 9, a Venus-Jupiter trine will nudge us to face any resistance head-on.

Love and harmony are in the air on May 9 when Venus and Jupiter, the two "benefics" (named this for their positive, helpful influence) form a flowing trine in fire signs. With Venus in Aries and Jupiter in Sagittarius, dealing with any conflict in a direct and even playful manner can help you move forward on a more authentic page.

If you're nodding off at the prospect of all this routine, wake up! May might be steadying, but it's not a snoozefest. In numerology, we're in a 5 Month, which is spirited and dynamic. An undercurrent of passion will pulsate through everything as a result. And the May 18 Scorpio full moon could deliver an intense and sexy peak moment, too.

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And on May 21, Gemini season arrives to spice up an otherwise quiet month.

If all else fails, Gemini season will send in the clowns (and other characters) starting May 21. When the Sun swings into this chatty and entertaining sign for a month, variety will become the spice of life. Did you get clear on your goals and plans during Taurus season? You can start sharing, posting, and spreading the news now!

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The AstroTwins
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The AstroTwins
The AstroTwins
Dubbed the “astrologers to the stars,” identical twin sisters Ophira...
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