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Max Lowery is a personal trainer and online health coach who's wellness philosophy revolves around his belief that intermittent fasting is the missing link in our overall health. As big fans of fasting, we were anxious to sit down and talk with him about the intricacies of this wellness trend that seems to be getting more popular by the minute. Max is the founder of 2 Meal Day, a program that gives you a personalized fasting, custom workouts (including actual workout videos) selected just for you, and email support to help you ease your way into your new lifestyle routine. We learned a few things about fasting for your our own unique body type and health needs that are definitely worth sharing.

Why everyone deserves their own unique fasting protocol.

Fasting (an umbrella term that has grown to include prolonged fasts, early time-restricted feeding, and intermittent fasting) are all the rage in the wellness world. Fasting is praised for its ability to decrease inflammation, turn you into a fat-burning machine, optimize your energy levels, and finally free you from food and pesky sugar cravings. Some doctors even think it's the future of cancer prevention, as it gives your digestive system a rest and allows the body time to break down and discard old cells and generate new ones—a process called apoptosis.

If you're not familiar with the benefits of fasting, many people say it's a game changer for blood sugar balance, hunger signals, and energy levels. But as health and wellness become more and more personalized, you can't help but think, The same fasting plan can't possibly be right for everyone, can it? According to Max, it can't. "Everyone has different needs, and all those needs are important." Fasting should be tailored to your specific body composition, age, level of health, and even gender.

How to turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

If you think this sounds complicated, you would be right. When you really dive into the intricacies of all the different types of fasting, it can be overwhelming and feel way too complicated to be worth it. But despite its personalized nature, Max's fasting strategy is refreshingly simple. For the 2 Meal Day, you decide whether you want to be a breakfast skipper or a dinner skipper, then you slowly ease yourself into the habit of fasting in two different phases, while also focusing on exercise and real, whole foods. Slowly but surely, a major shift will occur in the body that will turn you into a fat-burner—instead of relying on consistent doses of sugar and carbs to keep going. What are some of the specific benefits of his program? Max explained that they're all over the map, but when the paradigm shift from sugar-burner to fat-burner occurs in the body, you'll likely feel more consistent energy levels, experience weight loss, and be less hungry in general.

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A new perspective on fasting and body image.

One of the unexpected but happy benefits he's noticed in his clients is a healed relationship with food. "Many people have had a bad relationship with food all their lives, but when you fast and you reset your hunger signals, you change your perspective on eating and fueling your body." This, he says, is why many people report that they've decided to make the 2 Meal Day a way of life. Fasting is often maligned as being too restrictive, regimented, or extreme—but Max disagrees, saying that his program is "all about listening to your body." One of the big lessons learned when a person starts fasting, it's that it really challenges your emotional connection to food—and the rituals you have built up to feed that emotional connection throughout the day. Max is trying to prove to the world that this can be a healing experience instead of an anti-social or isolating one.

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