Lyft Announces A New Commitment To Sustainable Transportation

Image by Chesnot / Getty

This morning, ride-sharing service Lyft announced an electrifying plan to clean up our cities.

In 2019, the company will invest in thousands of hybrid and electric vehicles that riders can request to travel in using a new "Green Mode" app feature, which will roll out in Seattle before expanding to the rest of the country. This will be an extension of Lyft's existing Express Drive program, which lets drivers who don't have cars of their own rent from Lyft's corporate fleet. If all goes to plan, EVs should help these drivers save on fuel costs and make a higher hourly salary too.

For Lyft, which announced a separate initiative to make its rides carbon neutral last year, this is just another step in the quest to make cities across the country more livable. "Replacing gasoline-powered cars with EVs is a significant step forward in our efforts to fight climate change and to improve the quality of life in our cities," reads a company news release. "This effort will reduce the amount of emissions created by vehicles on the Lyft platform. Following the commitments we made last year, all EV charging will be covered by 100 percent renewable electricity."

The San Francisco–based company also recently launched Lyft scooters, acquired bike-share service Motivate and integrated public transit routes into select cities' digital maps. Its latest announcement comes at a moment when many other transportation companies are also looking to diversify beyond the traditional vehicle.

The number of bikes available through bike-share programs more than tripled between 2013 and 2016, and scooters are no longer just for kids. Last year, Uber invested in e-scooter company Lime; Razor scooters launched its own ride-share business; and Ford Motors bought e-scooter company Spin as part of its City Solutions program, which works with cities to reduce traffic congestion. Another e-scooter company, Bird, was just named Inc. magazine's most innovative company of the year. It's all a testament to the fact that the future of transport is looking mighty green.

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