3 Steps To Radically Increase Your Intuition 

Written by Lisa Campion
3 Steps To Radically Increase Your Intuition

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Intuition is a powerful, inner knowing. It's our internal guidance system that is designed to help us navigate through our life by steering us closer to our soul's desire. We are better off listening to our intuition, and yet it's hard to do because sometimes our inner navigation system is opposed to the more logical, rational, and socialized parts of us.

Intuitive work is soul work. Our soul speaks to us through our intuition; it has no way to access our mind. Letting our intuition have a say in our decisions is how we live a soulful life.

Here are three easy and powerful steps that help us cultivate our intuition so we can tap into its juicy, soul-satisfying guidance.

Pay attention.

It sounds easy, but this can be the hardest step for many people. Our lives zoom by us so quickly that we can bypass the inner knowing when it arises. It comes in first through the body and then into our emotions. Each of us will have a part of our body that holds the key. For me, it's my belly, so I am diligent about paying attention to how my belly feels. If things are good, it's happy, bubbly tummy flips. If things are not resonating for me, it's a queasy, sideways coldness in my belly. Maybe it's gooseflesh on your skin. Or tight constriction in your heart. Figure out how your body talks to you and really pay attention; it always knows what's true.

Try this exercise when you need to tap your intuition. Put your feet on the floor and push them down to ground yourself. Place one hand on your heart and one on your belly. Breath into your heart and belly and take a moment to tune in to your body. Is there tension or pain somewhere? If so, what is it telling you? Your body will talk to you if you listen.

Now breathe into your heart and check in with your feelings. Is there an emotion lurking underneath the pain or tension? Are there persistent emotions that you are ignoring? Release any sensations with your breath and honor them; they are giving you wonderful guidance.


Honor your guidance by acting on it.

It seems like a no-brainer, but truthfully, our intuition will dry up if we get hit after hit and never act on it. I am not saying you should act on every whim that passes through you, but taking this commitment to yourself seriously is very important. This is when we walk our talk. 

Getting real hits is not an easy thing. Often our intuition will nudge us in directions that are difficult for our personal selves.

Try this "Mirror Declaration" exercise. Once you decide to act on your hit, look at yourself in the mirror and gaze into your own eyes. Declare your commitment out loud. "From here on, I honor myself by looking for a new job!" Then declare it to anyone else who will listen. Post it on Facebook. Tell all your friends. This declaration process helps us honor and act on our hits and adds in a layer of accountability.

Take time to listen.

Have you ever had the experience of puzzling over some difficult problem and then you put it down and go for a walk, laze in a bubble bath, or clean out your sock drawer and suddenly the answer pops into your mind?

When we drop our brainwave frequency to the "alpha" state, we become the most open to our intuition. There are so many fun ways to do this, and it's important to find a few that work for you and do them regularly.

Maybe it's walking your dog in the woods or gentle yoga classes. Perhaps you are a meditator, as I am, and you need your daily meditation to find this inner quiet. Repetitive, slightly boring tasks like driving and washing the dishes are also beneficial for cultivating the alpha brain state, as are creative pursuits like coloring, singing, or my personal go-to, the Argentine tango. 

Try this. Close your eyes and take a few breaths to find your center. Imagine the screen of your mind going blank, and ask yourself this question. "What is my intuition trying to tell me? I am open to receiving guidance on any and all channels." Then let your mind wander in an open, receptive way. You might see something in your mind's eye, hear a voice in your head, or feel something stirring in your belly. If a daydream wanders through, it probably has a message for you.

Pay attention, act on your guidance, and take time to listen. It's so worth the time and energy it takes to become more intuitive. The payoffs are huge and include a yummy life that is more closely aligned with your soul.

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