You’ll Never Guess What Gadget This Nutritionist Packs To Stay Healthy On The Road

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mbg Sustainability Editor
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In our new Suitcase Lookbook series, we’ll ask wellness leaders to open their travel bags and reveal the essentials that keep them grounded, energized, and glowing on all their adventures. Today we’re chatting with holistic nutritionist to the stars Kelly LeVeque to get her healthy must-packs.

Between a business that caters to celebrities like Jessica Alba and Molly Sims and a brand-new book, it's safe to say Kelly LeVeque is busier than ever. The holistic nutritionist's science-backed food philosophy is sending her around the globe for meetings, book events, and special projects (like the super-exciting one she's working on with mbg—stay tuned!).

Kelly is a pro at keeping her own routine steady through all that travel, and she makes healthy eating on the road look easy. Here, Kelly shares the suitcase staples keeping her smiling, energized, and downright magnetic through life's more frenzied moments.

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1. Plenty of portable snacks

Bulletproof protein bars and Artisana Organics raw walnut butter packs make up Kelly's go-to snack arsenal. They're both portable options that leave her feeling satiated.

2. Fresh, minimalist beauty products

Kelly's beauty routine on the road is intentionally minimalist, and she sticks to the basics: Primally Pure's Rose + Mint complexion mist and Botanics hibiscus facial wipes for freshening the skin, Honest Beauty makeup for a bit of color, and Biossance rose oil for scent. She loves playing around with essential oils to craft a portable, personalized aromatherapy.

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3. A glucometer

Though she's not a diabetic, Kelly uses a glucometer every morning to measure her blood sugar. She'll also monitor it throughout the day, especially after a big meal. Her food philosophy is all about keeping these levels steady so you can go a few hours between meals to promote healthy hormone production.

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4. Supplements

Combine a metabolic synergy multivitamin, Thorne vitamin D liquid, and Gaia Herbs rhodiola capsules, and you have Kelly's travel supplement routine.

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5. A caffeine alternative

Kelly adjusts her afternoon pick-me-up based on her mood and energy levels, so she'll keep a few different vitamin packets on hand that she can combine with water come 3 p.m. Oxylent 5-in-1 multivitamin packs and 8Greens dietary supplements (which are packed with as many vitamins as 15 cups of broccoli) are her current obsessions.

6. A breath freshener (that isn't gum)

Kelly doesn't chew gum, instead opting for a more natural breath-refresh mint spray.

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