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This June 2020 Numerology Reading Calls For A New Way Forward

Kaitlyn Kaerhart
Numerologist By Kaitlyn Kaerhart
Kaitlyn Kaerhart is a New York-based numerologist and musician. She is the author of the upcoming book 'You Are Cosmic Code: Essential Numerology' and a collaborator on the upcoming astrology-numerology tarot deck, Celestial Bodies.
Our June Numerology Forecast Screams "New Beginnings"

Image by mbg Creative x Gemma Chua Tran / Unsplash

Breathe the fresh air again, my friend! You have made it to the other side of May 2020, a 9 month in numerology that represented completion and endings, and into the new beginnings of a month 1!

June is a month 1 in a universal year 4. (Think of the year cycles as the macro, while the months are the micro.) The energy of the 1 is focused on new beginnings, new ideas, innovations, creativity, and heightened intuition. Everything feels fresh and exciting in this energy.

A "1" month is the time to start something new.

What new projects or ventures have you been wanting to start? What new routines and ways of being are available to you now? This cycle asks us to search within ourselves and identify what is wanting to emerge.

Be intentional with the projects you start this month as the 1 energy is a time when creative ventures will take off. In other words, what you start now will last through the end of the year. Keep in mind that as we are also in the Universal Year energy of the 4, which represents foundations and structures, this new beginning could very well affect your foundational areas such as home, family, and work.

1 is also the number of the self and the leader. The 1 came here to know itself fully and to use that knowledge and understanding to lead others. It is a very reflective number that stands out and creates waves of change throughout our society (for example, Martin Luther King Jr. and Steve Jobs were both Life Path 1s).

There will be moments this month when we are able to understand ourselves and society on a deeper level. What new changes need to be implemented now? And who/what groups are leading that change? We will be forced to grapple with these questions and examine how we show up as individuals and within the collective. 

Expect intuitive hits to make themselves known to you during this time. The 1 is highly imaginative, and it carries brilliant, innovative ideas—if we allow the space for them. You can tune into this inner voice using meditation, gentle movement such as yoga, walks through nature, and writing. Journaling for a few minutes a day, first thing every morning, can be a great place to start cultivating a deeper connection with your intuition.

Numerology tells us that change is coming in the form of new beginnings. What changes must we make to build (ahem universal year 4 energy!) a new foundation for us all to thrive? It is time to get out there and innovate. 

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