5 Things You Need To Know Today (June 22, 2018)

1. Snapchat has designed five new sets of augmented-reality lenses that bring you under the sea—for a good reason.

Now, you can add a colorful coral polyp or a friendly sea slug to your desk or home! These five new lenses show a scene from the California Academy of Sciences latest planetarium show, Expedition Reef, with the goal of supporting its Hope for Reefs initiative. Hope for Reefs "aims to explore, explain, and sustain the world’s coral reefs by making fundamental breakthroughs in coral reef biology, developing new conservation and restoration techniques, and engaging the public through immersive exhibits and multimedia," according to the Academy. (California Academy of Sciences)

2. Want to boost your mood? Go to a concert.

In a recent experiment, Live Nation "rigged" a concert so they could get more insight into the biometrics of music fans. The findings were fascinating: Within just moments of the show starting, concert-goers experienced a 53 percent increase in emotional intensity, and over 90 percent of them experienced a mood boost, along with an increase in attention and engagement. (Fast Company)

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3. It's official: You won't find any more trans fats in your food.

The unhealthy fat, once ubiquitous in consumer goods, was banned on Monday from U.S. grocery stores and restaurants. Trans fats were ruled unsafe by the FDA in 2015 because of their ability to raise bad cholesterol and contribute to heart disease. The ruling prompted many companies to voluntarily eliminate the ingredient, but now it's officially illegally. (Washington Post)

4. This common virus has been linked to the development of Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s scientists found evidence that suggests the herpes virus might be involved in the development of Alzheimer’s, specifically, the type of herpes that infects people as infants and rests dormant for years. The study published in the journal Neuron concluded that the virus likely interfaces with the genes linked to Alzheimer’s and may play a significant role in the progression of the disease later in life. (NYT)

5. New research emerges on how to drink alcohol healthily.

According to a study out of Queen’s University in Belfast, "light" drinkers had the lowest risk of developing cancer and dying prematurely. In this case, light drinking was quantified as one to five drinks a week. "Alcohol is estimated to be the third-largest modifiable risk factor for cancer," said Susan Gapstur, an epidemiologist with the American Cancer Society. (NPR)

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