John Mackey, Whole Foods CEO, On Food Co-ops, Meditation, And How To Turn Setbacks Into Success

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As the co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market, John Mackey has shaped the American diet for the past three decades. After joining a co-op as a teenager, Mackey discovered a philosophy that would drive him to create one of the nation's largest and most beloved supermarkets, one that has changed the way we think about food—and what to expect from a grocery store. With a new book out this month, The Whole Foods Diet: The Lifesaving Plan for Health and Longevity, Mackey is looking to pass on the lessons he's learned from his career. As a mission-driven entrepreneur, it was amazing to speak candidly with John about the inspiration that sparked Whole Foods Market, the obstacles he's faced as a business-owner, and the values driving him forward as an entrepreneur.

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