6 Things You Need To Know Today (January 26, 2018)

1. Ashley Graham becomes the new face of Revlon's #liveboldly campaign.

"There's no size requirement to fit a lipstick, so why have there been so few curvy models in beauty campaigns up until this point?" Great question, Ashley Graham. Revlon is stepping up the game and including women of all sizes, shapes, colors, and backgrounds in its new campaign, #liveboldly, that aims to empower women to be daring and authentic and to be themselves. (Glamour)

2. Healthy soil could be the key to easing climate change.

Taking better care of our soil through regenerative techniques (think crop rotations and using natural pesticides) can help drastically reduce greenhouse gas in the atmosphere (healthy soil actually sucks carbon out of the air). A new paper published in Scientific Reports found that we can theoretically capture all of the carbon the United States emits with existing farmland. (Quartz)

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3. Want to be more blunt? Here's your action plan.

It turns out you can learn and practice being more straightforward and direct in your day-to-day approach. Certain daily habits such as speaking up for yourself at work or being honest in friendships are just small steps you can take to become a blunt person. And for those who experience anxiety from uncomfortable situations, research shows that even when you think you’re being confrontational, good chances are you’re not. (Science of Us)

4. A cannabis-based drug is coming to the United States.

A recent study showed that a new drug—developed by GW Pharmaceuticals and made from cannabidiol, which is one of the main compounds found in cannabis—was able to significantly reduce seizures in patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. (mindbodygreen)

5. A NAFTA negotiation could have a huge impact on the avocado.

In 1994, a trade deal made by the United States helped the avocado become easily accessible. But this week, U.S. officials are meeting with Mexico and Canada to negotiate this agreement or pull out of it altogether. This could mean bad news for the avocado toast market, as avocado prices will likely skyrocket. (FoodDIVE)

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6. You may be buggin', but they're just bugs.

For a long time, scientists thought that bugs weren't easily digestible by humans—but that thinking is wrong. All living mammals have the enzyme to break down bugs' tough exoskeletons, making the last barrier to entry the perception that eating the little critters is "gross." They're packed with protein and, as global warming continues to make high-quality meat less universally accessible, a great eco-friendly food option. (EurekaAlert!)

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