This Spiritual Philosophy Can Transform Your Relationship To Money

Written by Tanya Carroll Richardson
Tanya Carroll Richardson is a professional intuitive and spiritual author who is passionate about angels, beauty, and nature. She has been in the NYC publishing world as a writer and editor for over 15 years.


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The months of March and April—tax time in the United States—provide the perfect opportunity to make some new money resolutions. Sometimes improving your finances means changing your relationship to money on a fundamental level. Money really has a neutral energy signature; it is not good or bad—humans just tend to do "good" or "bad" things with it.

The way you think and feel about money influences the practical action steps you take with your finances. Therefore, thinking of money as something spiritual and sacred might be the paradigm shift you’re looking for—a shortcut to respecting money, honoring your own money needs, and maybe even attracting all sorts of abundance. Here are five spiritual ways to reframe your relationship with money:

1. Think of your work as sacred.

Whatever your job description—teacher, barista, financial planner, activist, spiritual mentor—what you do for a living is sacred because all work is about being of service to someone else. On a spiritual level, being of service to others is every human’s primary life mission. And if your work is sacred, then how you are compensated for that work is sacred too.

How it improves your finances: This mindset shift can help you value your work more, which might inspire you to ask for a raise or increase your rates.

2. Honor where your money came from to reinforce the sacred principle that all is one.

However much money you are earning, remember the people who helped you get it. If you are a yoga instructor, when you honor your money, you actually honor each client who decided that attending your class was important enough to pay for it and do without something else. If you’re a nurse, when you honor your money, you honor the patients you serve.

How it improves your finances: This can make you feel incredibly humble and connected, which will encourage you to live more mindfully and save more money. When you consider the Law of Attraction, money attracts money, then even a modest savings account—and setting the intention to save—can end up having a big impact.

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3. Give back.

Whether you tip your waitperson extra or make a monthly donation to a charity (or ideally both), being generous with others reminds you of the power money has to do good, healing work in the world. This can reprogram those self-sabotaging thoughts about how money is "dirty" or "corrupting."

How it improves your finances: Giving to others keeps money flowing in your life in a healthy, productive way (as opposed to, say, binge shopping) so that you don’t suffer from having stagnant energy or scarcity thinking around your finances.

4. Value the money you have now.

Even if you want to earn more, instead of looking at your bank statement at the end of the month and thinking, "It's not enough," practice gratitude. Science says that gratitude has a magnetic quality, whereas being overly negative about something can have a toxic or repellent quality—and you do not want to repel money!

How it improves your finances: Expressing gratitude for the money you do have helps you make friends with money, so to speak, and helps you move forward from a place of abundance.

5. View even your biggest money mistakes as sacred lessons.

One of the reasons our souls came to earth was to learn and grow, and money can be a powerful teacher. No doubt money has taught you many things, such as how to assess your self-worth, the value of discipline, etc. If you changed for the better because of a traumatic money experience, that experience, no matter how painful, had a sacred quality.

How it improves your finances: Forgiving yourself for past money mistakes will help you move on more quickly and create new healthy money experiences.

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