7 Things You Need For A Creative Workspace At Home

Written by Ashley Couch

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As buzzwords like mindfulness, creativity, and flow state continue to gain mainstream appeal, it seems that more of us than ever before are turning to the arts for fulfillment. But it's not always easy to figure out how to incorporate art into your daily routine to manifest real change in your life.

Whether you're a professional artist or someone just wanting to tap into the joy of your inner child, the first step is creating a blissful, creative workspace. Even if you're strapped for square footage, you can carve out the space to decompress and let your imagination thrive. As a lawyer who moonlights as an artist, here are my top tips for conjuring up a blissful, creative workspace:

1. Find a space you can dedicate entirely to your art.

This space can be as small as a corner in a tiny apartment to as big as a giant warehouse studio, so long as you can devote it entirely to your creative endeavors.

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2. Get rid of the clutter.

Like most artists, I'm a super-visual person and am sometimes a little meticulous in my decorating. Things have to be just right, and if they're off then my energy gets thrown off, too. Make sure your workspace is completely clear of clutter and anything that does not enhance your creative energy. Dust, wipe down, and organize your space regularly.

3. Honor your tools.

If you're a painter, clean your brushes after every use. If you're a writer, keep your computer and printer dust-free and properly maintained. If you're an electronic producer, keep your files updated and organized. When you honor the energy of your tools and treat your environment with respect, that good energy can come right back to you.

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4. Engage all the senses.

Music is an essential part of my creative workspace, and I choose my tunes based on my mood and the kind of energy I want my art to convey. Science has shown that music can influence athletic performance, learning capability, and creative output.

Scent, much like sound, greatly affects our ability to open up, calm down, and create. I use essential oils throughout my house and workspaces to freshen them up, make them more inviting, and to lift my creative spirit.

5. Rock out.

I believe that, like herbs, rocks and minerals can encourage creative growth with their grounding, earthy frequencies. I go so far as to keep a small pouch filled with crystals that are thought to be advantageous for business, personal relationships, and creative energy on me all the time, and I have crystals placed throughout my home and office. At the very least they're beautiful décor, and I figure I can use all the backup from the universe I can get!

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6. Surround yourself with inspiration.

Stay inspired and focused on your goals by posting images and words around your workspace that give you goose bumps. It could be quotes that inspire you, images of some of your favorite places around the world, or just little personal trinkets that make you smile.

7. Light it up.

Making sure your workspace is properly lit is key. Yes, it saves your eyesight, but it also helps you evaluate your color choices if you are a visual artist. The more natural light, the better, as it has been shown to boost mood too. The light in my studio is a bit yellow, so I always open up the blinds and perch a white spotlight on my easel when I paint there.

Finally, free your workspace from distractions like television, work emails, or social media. Give your art the focus it deserves!

Then, make sure your new space is feng-shui-approved with these tips.

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