The 5 "Goddess Animals" & What Each One Says About Your Personality

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mbg Contributor
Emma Mildon is a millennial activist, co-host of 11:11 podcast, and best-selling author of Evolution of Goddess and The Soul Searcher's Handbook.

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If you're spiritually inclined, you've probably already explored the world of astrology, studied up on the elements to determine if you need more fire or air in your life, and taken guesses at your spirit animal. Curiosity is where discoveries are made, after all. And there's a new personal archetype that's begging to be explored: your animal goddess.

Animalistic goddesses have played prominent roles in cultures through history, and they provide a framework for understanding the sacred feminine. The key to finding your particular totem is following your intuition and analyzing your unique personality traits, and you may already have a sixth sense of what it may be. Perhaps it's an animal you've always been drawn to, one you had a transformative experience with as a child or one that has been popping up in your mind recently. Whatever the clue may be, here are the meanings behind prominent goddess animal totems and what they may say about you:

1. If you always pick up on other people's feelings: Snake Goddess

Prominent in Greece and India, serpent goddesses symbolize life, energy, healing, and movement between the spirit worlds. People who feel drawn to this archetype are often adaptive and empathic, like a snake ready to shed its skin. You are a healer, and your connection to all things energy makes you more in tune with your intuition than most.

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2. If you're the activist of your friend group: Bird Goddess

The goddess bird seen from Egypt to Old Europe represents water, movement, emotion, and healing. A bird in flight is a messenger to the world, fueled by passion for change. You are expressive and have big things to share with people near and far. It's important for you to remember that nobody can label you or clip your wings. Know that your soulful song will fall on the ears of those who need awakening. You can share your message by being there for a friend, volunteering for a cause you're passionate about, or joining a spiritual circle. I've started free lunar gatherings of my own, so check those out if you feel so inclined.

3. If you're a maternal figure: Cow Goddess

The cow goddess seen from the Minoans to the Baganda tribes of Uganda represents all things life and vitality. These cultures praised female cows for their ability to create milk, and they were used to sustain life instead of killed for meat or leather. If you feel drawn to this archetype, you are a nurturer who nourishes those around you with energy, love, compassion, and wisdom.

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4. If you're the first one at work and the last one to leave: Bee Goddess

The bee goddess seen from Greek to Hindu mythology symbolizes the priestess. Bees work to make honey that can be used as medicine and possess an innate knowledge of how to create. You, dear one, have a desire to lead, to put in the work, and to report for service. You work hard. You consciously collaborate. You are a creature of divine duty.

5. If you're constantly fighting for what's right: Cat Goddess

The cat goddess was prevalent in Egypt and Old Europe, and it represents wisdom, independence, strength, and success. Cats were often the goddesses of warfare, carrying with them energy of balance and protection. Graceful, independent, playful, and intuitive, you are a watchful eye for the world, and you seek justice and equality.

Having trouble tuning in to what goddess is right for you? Here's a primer on how to harness your intuition and define your spiritual path.

Emma Mildon
Emma Mildon
Emma Mildon is a millennial activist and best-selling author, aiming to provide fun spiritual wisdom...
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Emma Mildon
Emma Mildon
Emma Mildon is a millennial activist and best-selling author, aiming...
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