How To Explain Energy Healing To A Skeptic

mbg Food Contributor By Elissa Goodman
mbg Food Contributor
Elissa Goodman is a cleanse expert based in Los Angeles, California, certified in integrative nutrition through the American University of Complementary Medicine. She holds a bachelor's in advertising and marketing from Arizona State and a bachelor's in business from the University of Arizona.
How To Explain Energy Healing To A Skeptic

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There was a time when I didn’t consider myself much of a science type; I’ll never forget the sheer dread that would wash over me at the thought of chemistry homework. It wasn’t until I discovered my passion for nutrition that I became a total science nerd.

My journey of healing through nutrition simultaneously introduced me to the incredible world of energy medicine. Even though I was a hyper-logical, recently science-centric person, the idea that energetic forces were at play in our lives just felt so intuitively right to me.

What energy healing looks like in action.

Learning about various energy healing practices (think Reiki, EFT, sound baths, and chakra clearing) has taught me how certain energetic blocks negatively affect mental and physical well-being. Though I’m not formally trained in reading energy, I’ve begun to witness an intimate link between the health of my clients, their nutrition, and their energy. Plus, the practice has changed my life in a huge way.

There was a point in my life that the mere idea of speaking in front of a large crowd induced panic. Working with an energetic healer helped me understand and finally release the energetic tension that was causing that anxiety.

So I was surprised to see how much criticism and pushback surrounds the idea of energy medicine—especially in the science community. I've heard people call it everything from "woo-woo" to downright quackery. I've noticed this criticism tends to come from those who immediately jump to the need for tangible proof right away. While there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy skepticism, I find this attitude frustrating.

I choose to approach scientific questions with curiosity, an open mind, and an acceptance that there’s a lot we just don’t know yet. Here are a few points to bring up the next time you find yourself speaking to a skeptic.

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What every skeptic should know about energy:

1. Energy is difficult to study.

Our scientific method is great at breaking things down into small pieces and examining the effects of one particular substance. However, when it comes to more complex, holistic modalities, the scientific method may not be able to demonstrate what's at work. Acupuncture, for example, is built on such a whole-body foundation that it becomes really difficult to weed out and pinpoint specific causes and effects.

2. Just because we can't measure it (yet) doesn't mean it's not there.

Most energy medicine relies on the idea that a person is able to transfer energy in order to heal someone else. If you think about it, though, is the idea of energy transfer really all that crazy? What’s the first thing you do when someone you’re talking to begins to tear up? Chances are you reach out and touch their shoulder—an instinct that offers a subtle exchange of energy.

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3. It's going mainstream.

Hospitals around the country are experimenting with Reiki as a relatively safe and side-effect-free treatment option and integrating acupuncture to help ease patients' chemo symptoms.

4. It's about the experience rather than the opinion.

The story of someone’s experience will always carry more weight than his or her opinion. When you encounter an immediate skeptic, ask them about how their personal interaction with energy medicine led to their conclusions.

Maybe they had a bad experience, which definitely happens, and you should be careful who you go to see to help shift your energy (two of my personal favorite healers are Althea Montgomery and Alessandro Giannetti). But you might leave them wondering where exactly their opinions came from in the first place.

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