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Why Halloween Is A Time To Honor Your Intuition & Ancestry

Catharine Allan
mbg Contributor By Catharine Allan
mbg Contributor
Catharine Allan is a Clairvoyant, Medium, Astrologer and author of "A Little Bit of Intuition."
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Anyone feeling the Halloween spirit right about now? Considering the Sun and Mercury are now in spooky, sultry Scorpio and we have a full moon (the second of the month!) falling on the 31st, all signs point to an especially charged Hallow's Eve next week. Here's a peek at the spiritual undertones of this special time of year and why they might feel even more intense this year.

Halloween is based on the Pagan holiday called Samhain (pronounced Sow-in), and it's about so much more than candy.

Historically, Pagans used this time of year to leave offerings of bread, fruits, and sweets outside their doorways to welcome the good spirits and ward away the bad ones. This tradition is why many people in this part of the world now parade carved jack-o'-lanterns, serve candy, and dress up in costume every October 31.

But the holiday is about so much more than Hollywood-style ghosts and a sugar buzz: It's about connecting to the spirits of those who have passed, our ancestors.

On that note, gather around the proverbial campfire because I have a story for you: Just over a year ago, I felt compelled to go to England, to stand in the place of my ancestry. I had never been, and I have never met my grandfather who was born there—but he had been around me in spirit for the past couple of years.

When I say "around me," I mean he was on my mind often: Sometimes I'd see him in dreams; sometimes I'd feel drawn to ask my mom about him. Ironically, my estranged brother was also speaking of going to England at that time and had independently requested information about him too.

Here's the cool part: I found out through the grapevine (aka, my mom) that all of us in the family had been watching a TV series called Poldark around this time. It's the story of a tin miner in Cornwall set back in the late 1800s. When I started to do my research on my grandfather, I found out that this show was filmed in the exact parish he lived in. I had chills. It felt like he was calling the family back together somehow from beyond the grave. 

I went to this parish and stood on the rocky shores, saw the crashing waves, the churches, the pub (of course), and walked the road and paths that our family walked. It turned out that my great grandfather was born there, and the family goes back around 200 years in this place.

Flash-forward and that trip has greatly connected me to him, to England, and to a desire to understand and heal vis-à-vis ancestry in a family that does not talk much about the past.


Why we should all use this time to get quiet and connect to our ancestors.

As a psychic medium, I love this time of year because along with beautifully colored trees and refreshing chills in the air, it carries a distinctly spiritual energy. It is when the veils between our world and the next start to thin and we are more open to the mystical side of life, like the one I experienced on my travels.

As the leaves start to fall and the last of the harvest is picked, endings and awareness of our impermanence fill the air. We are more aware of our mortality, and on some subtle level we can be more aligned with our soul level of existence and feel the souls of others.

Spirit visitations during this time of year are very real to those who know—and many do know, even if they don't speak for them much.

So, if you're experiencing more heightened intuition, sensations, and vivid dreams right now, trust that you're not alone. Amid the craziness of our material world, I'd encourage you to listen to these subtler sides of yourself.

Even though we may commercialize this holiday with candies and cartoon versions of spirits, remember that the true season actually is all about honoring our ancestors and opening our connection to the spirit world, with all the offering and protection it provides.

Here's to a time of healing and integration.

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Last week, as Mercury retrograde was deeply moving us through Scorpio, as the leaves turned bright red, orange, and yellow and the night skies suddenly turned much darker, I awoke to see my grandfather's spirit. He was in my room, as plain as day.

He was a Scorpio. He had fought in WWI, developed a farm in Southern Ontario, put all his 11 siblings through college and university. I could feel his serious demeanor standing there with me. And I knew that in starting to talk with my family about our memories and history, I had in essence opened the door to a chance to heal and reconcile. And there's nothing spooky about that.

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