Dealing With Major Seasonal Allergies? Try This Ancient Technique

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Paige Bourassa is a licensed acupuncturist with a thriving practice in the heart of New York City. Paige has joined mbg to create a new class that gives you the tools you need to relieve pain with acupressure, a simple technique that you can do sitting at your desk or lying down at home. Sign up here for her exclusive, live webinar on February 13, to get your personal acupressure questions answered! 

Suffering from allergies can feel pretty awful—sometimes even flu-ish, if they get to that point. Here, mbg class instructor Paige Bourassa teaches us a mini acupressure protocol based on the principles and trigger points of traditional Chinese medicine.

The first step is working with LI 20, which means "Large Intenstine 20." It's a point on your face that corresponds to other body system including the large intestine and, yes, allergies. Find the outside of the nose with the outsides of your own two thumbs and, with medium pressure, drag the thumb downward and outward on a diagonal. You'll end up under the cheekbones—hold it here for a few seconds and repeat once more.

The second step involves UI 2, or Urinary Bladder 2. Tracing up from the nose, find the medial side of the eyebrows (the inside points closest to each other) and sweep your thumbs along the eyebrows. This can help to open up the sinuses as well as the head in general, which can be a huge relief for allergy sufferers.

Want more? Stay tuned for her class launch later this week!

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