How To Use Your Phone As A Tool To Manifest Abundance

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Laura Di Franco, MPT, is a physical therapist with a practice in Bethesda, Maryland. With almost three decades of expertise in holistic physical therapy, six published books and a third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, her energy and methods are contagious and unlike anything you’re experienced.

You can turn anything into an abundance practice by tuning in and placing your intention on gratitude. I see a lot of messages about how everyone’s on their phones these days and why it’s bad for you—but how many people do you know who’ve actually stopped using their smartphones as a result? Instead, why don’t we do find a way to make the reality of modern life work to our advantage?

Here are seven ways to turn your smartphone habit into a powerful abundance practice:

1. Choose to notice the good things in your life.

This simple mindset shift is a way to practice the Law of Attraction. You’ll be attracting some pretty powerful manifesting energy just by focusing on what you’re grateful for.

Holly Alexander, the brains behind The Magic Money Book series, says, "An abundance mindset starts and ends with gratitude. Focus on every single thing you are grateful for. Walk around your home, pick things up, and give thanks for them until you are overwhelmed with feelings of abundance and joy."

I’ve done my share of reading on this subject. I make a habit of listening to my girl, Esther Hicks, and know how to get myself into what she calls "The Vortex," to keep my energy high, positive, and powerful. I get gratitude. I get how using it as a focus in your daily life brings more to be grateful for. But it’s the practice, not the beliefs, that is the magic.

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2. Stop clicking buttons long enough to remember what life was like before you had a smartphone.

Take a moment to pry your eyes from the text thread you’re rolling your eyes at and look at that big, shiny brick in all its rose gold magnificence. Think about all the things it does for you, all the things it facilitates, and try to remember what life was like when you couldn’t order food mid-commute. You probably paid at least $600 for your phone. You use it more than anything you own. How lucky are we to live where and when we do?

3. Scroll through your contact list and take a moment to appreciate how loved you are.

Try to stop staring at that scary red number above your email icon and open your contact list or scroll through your recent texts. THAT many people in the world think you’re awesome and are sending you proof of that on this little block of glass and metal. Can you remember when you had to wait for an email from your fans, friends, family, colleagues, or business prospects—or sit by the phone and wait for them to call? Remember that these little devices are intended to facilitate connection. Use yours to connect to, talk with, create and collaborate with, and to love every single person you know.

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4. Cultivate positivity you'll encounter on the daily.

Instead of constantly complaining about how politically incorrect or negative one of your Facebook friends is, unfriend the person and get on with realizing how totally magnificent it is to be able to connect, for free, to people all over the world! You don’t owe that person your time or attention, and making your news feed a positive, productive place will make every interaction you have online that much more nourishing to your heart and mind. (If you’re not ready to unfriend someone, just hide them from your news feed. They don’t get notified, and you still save yourself from the unnecessary stress).

5. Revel in the magnificence of your GPS.

Do you remember going on road trips and having to buy and read an actual map? Maybe not. But most of us at least had to find Google Maps directions and print them out before going anywhere unfamiliar. And yet we spend so much time complaining about how our navigation app over- or underestimates travel time, or how we wish it would do something it doesn’t. More often than not, though, that little app will get you from point A to B, pretty flawlessly (sometimes even diverting you around huge accidents) and reduce the stress and anxiety related to your adventure. So, next time you’re listening to Siri’s step-by-step directions on your trip, smile and feel grateful for that little wonder.

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6. Wave your magic wand and pay for stuff.

Seriously—have you used Apple Pay yet? You get to wave your phone (which is obviously already in your hands) at a little bar code reader without having to dig through your purse, and it’s amazing. The next time you use this freaky wonder of technology, be grateful for it. To reinforce it, you can say something like, "I’m so happy and grateful to always have enough money to easily pay for the things I need and want." And then wave that wand like a boss.

7. Appreciate how it puts the whole world (literally) at your fingertips.

The other day, I went for a jog and decided to bring my iPhone with me. The route I take goes through the woods and, most often, I’m jogging alone. Keeping my phone with me just makes me feel a little safer. So, I was jogging through the woods, and I suddenly saw this beautiful buck 3 feet from me. Shockingly, he stayed put long enough for me to whip out the phone and snap a picture. I might’ve been able to describe that moment to my friends, and I’d have the memory for myself, but it would fade, over time. I just couldn’t help but do a happy dance at that moment. My phone had made it possible not only for me to jog somewhere I otherwise might not feel comfortable but for me to turn this brief moment into a lifelong memory. And I knew that if I’d fallen down while doing my happy dance, help would be just a phone call away!

Let’s all try to remember that the tiny miracles we hold in our hands all day are fertile ground in which to sow seeds of abundance. Changing the way you interact with your phone might just improve your life as much as the smartphone itself.

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