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Procrastibaking — Yes, It's A Thing & You've Probably Already Done It

Erin Gardner
Contributing writer By Erin Gardner
Contributing writer
Erin Gardner is a baking and cake design instructor, the creator of, and author of Erin Bakes Cake. Her work has been featured in media outlets including:, Brides, Martha Stewart Weddings, Town & Country, HuffPost, HGTV’s DIY Network, and more.
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Chances are you already know what procrastibaking is, even if you haven't heard the term before. Procrastibaking is the fine art of getting nothing done in the most delicious way possible. It's taking a mini vacation, in your kitchen, from the demands of modern life. 

How can you return those emails when there's dough on your hands? It would be counterproductive to handle clean laundry after dipping chocolates all afternoon. And how can you be expected to do taxes during apple season? (Of course, I'm an extension filer.) 

Why do we procrastibake? 

I’m not a doctor, but I am a baker, so I feel half qualified to answer this question! Sometimes, the stresses of everyday life need to take a back seat. Our brains need a break from work and the endless to-do list. Procrastibaking is an ideal escape, because once you start baking, you can't stop until you see it to completion. You simply can't let those whipped egg whites fall or that melted chocolate harden in the bowl. Abandoning those adorably yummy gingerbread house pieces would just be cruel. And as every baker knows, meringue waits for no one. 

Procrastibaking is a perfect pocket of time away from having to exert yourself mentally or physically. Plus, the result is delicious and makes everyone happy. Win-win! The other thing procrastibaking helps you avoid? That tiny little black hole you carry around in your purse or pocket that allows you access to all of human knowledge and every person you've encountered since birth (i.e., your phone).

As I said, I'm no doctor, but I don't think we're supposed to have that in our faces 24/7. Our hands were made to make things, not tap and scroll. 

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Baking as a way to distract yourself. 

While I was writing my previous book, Erin Bakes Cake, I blew off a day of recipe testing to make blueberry scones and a giant doughnut. In a moment of silly pride, I snapped a pic of the delicious distractions and posted it to Instagram. The caption read, "The baking you do when you're supposed to be doing other baking #procrastibaking." While I was not the first to use this hashtag, I very well may have been the first to use it in regard to baking to avoid other baking. 

I realize that it's, perhaps, a bit absurd to procrastibake when the work you're avoiding is, well, other baking. You're probably much more practical. You may bake to avoid: 

  • Doing taxes 
  • Folding laundry
  • Cleaning the house 
  • Bathing your children 
  • Answering the phone 
  • Cooking real food 
  • Washing the floors 
  • Mowing the lawn 
  • Replying to texts and emails
  • Picking up that thing that's kind of poking out from under the couch, but you're not really sure what it is 
  • And so much more!

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I, on the other hand, bake to avoid other baking (and let's be real, all those other things, too). I'm a former pastry chef and award-winning bakery owner, and my current "day job" involves developing new cake-decorating techniques and recipes for blogs, magazines, and my own blog, Erin Bakes

I'm known in the cake community for creating decorating ideas with simple things like candy, chocolate, and cookies, without the use of special tools. Believe it or not, this takes a lot of creativity and brainpower. You wouldn't believe how many things have already been done! Probably everything. It's my job to create that new spin. To get the wheels turning and warm up my brain and hands, I bake something fun, easy, and always delicious. 

In the event that you need multiple sources of distraction, here are some of the other pastimes I've taken up:

  • Storm watching 
  • Smoothie making 
  • Watching makeup and nail art tutorials on YouTube 
  • Exploring K-pop
  • Listening to too many podcasts to mention 
  • Soaking my own beans at home to make them from scratch 

If I hadn't procrastibaked in the first place, I likely wouldn't have explored these new avenues, broadening my knowledge base, expanding my horizons, and improving my eye-shadow-blending abilities. Ergo, procrastibaking has made me a better person. I'm confident it can do the same for you. At the very least, you'll have cookies. 

After all I've said about the joys of procrastibaking, please keep in mind that this is all in good fun. If at any point you find yourself in real trouble—having a search party sent out to locate you because you haven't left the kitchen in days, your laundry starts moving through the house independently, or a not-so-nice man from the IRS starts sending you daily love letters—maybe throw on the brakes and reenter the realm of productive society. Procrastibaking should offer you a delicious distraction from the daily grind, not get your electricity shut off.

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