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What's In My Freezer With mbg Co-CEOs Jason & Colleen Wachob

Olessa Pindak
mbg Editor-At-Large By Olessa Pindak
mbg Editor-At-Large
Olessa Pindak is the editor-at-large at mindbodygreen. Formerly the executive editor at Prevention, she’s worked at Condé Nast, Rodale, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, and more.
Here's Exactly What The mbg Co-Founders & Co-CEO's Stock In Their Freezer

Image by mbg Creative / Various iStock; Daily Harvest

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It used to be that the fridge got all the glory when it came to stocking it high with healthy eats. But in our new normal, where grocery trips are few and far between and there's never a guarantee of what's on the shelves, the workhorse of our kitchens is getting its due. In our new series "What's In My Freezer," we're taking a look at the freezers of some of the biggest names in well-being to see what they're stocking up on—and how they're making dinner of it.

While COVID-19 hasn't radically changed their eating habits, it has made mindbodygreen's co-founders and co-CEOs Jason and Colleen Wachob lean on their freezer a bit more. "We're doing fewer trips to the store for produce—we're not going just to pick up kale, so we're relying more on the veggies we have stocked in the freezer," explains Colleen. 

And it's not just the veggies they're turning to—it's the "treats" too. "We've always had a lot of frozen veggies, so that hasn't changed, but we do have more things for fun—ice cream, waffles, tortillas, and pizza," says Jason. Thinking about food as "staples" and "fun" is even the way they store things in their freezer: One side has all the practical things including fruit, veggies, and wild fish, and the other has the treats.

Meals that can be made in a hurry are a priority for the Wachobs—with their two young daughters, Ellie and Grace, at home and running mindbodygreen full-time, COVID-19 has meant they have precious little time on their hands. "We're relying more on convenience foods for sure," says Colleen. "Everyone feels a little more lethargic and tired during COVID-19; I have less energy to come home and cook a meal that's going to take 45 minutes, so I'm trying to get a dinner on the table that can be served in 15 to 30." That means leaning into things like tortillas and dressing up pizza to make it healthier. "We try to cook one meal that the whole family can eat, so these are the fan favorites that I know Jason and Ellie will like," explains Colleen.

Here's exactly what they're stocking in their freezer right now—and how they're turning it into family meals.

What's in their freezer:

  • Frozen fruits and veggies: We live by Amazon Prime Whole Foods delivery, so we wind up with a lot of the 365 Brand, always organic if they have it. Broccoli and raspberries are always staples.
  • Wild salmon burgers and filets and scallops: We always buy wild fish, and the Whole Foods 365 Whole Catch usually has what we're looking for.
  • Cappello's grain and gluten-free pizza and pasta: We don't have any allergies but try to go grain- or gluten-free when we can. For pizza, we buy the plain and the crusts versions. 
  • Nature's Path Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Waffles: These are a perfect treat for Ellie. 
  • NadaMoo!: It's a great Austin brand we love—and our favorite dairy-free ice cream.
  • Daily Harvest Smoothies: When we're not making our own smoothies, these are so helpful—we fortify them with mbg's organic veggies+ and grass-fed collagen+.
  • Siete Tortillas: These are the multi-hyphenate food in our household. We can use them at every meal.
  • Trader Joe's Cauliflower Gnocchi: How can you NOT have this?
Here's Exactly What The mbg Co-Founders & Co-CEO's Stock In Their Freezer

Image by mbg Creative x Jason & Colleen Wachob


How they turn it into meals for the whole family:

  • Waffle Wednesday: We have Waffle Wednesday at our house every week, so Ellie gets a waffle with some almond butter and berries.
  • Tortillas for breakfast: We try to recreate an Austin breakfast burrito with eggs and beans.
  • Tortillas for lunch: We'll heat the hummus in a skillet, toss in some broccoli, and wrap it in a tortilla, Ellie loves it. 
  • Tortillas for dinner: These tend to be more of a traditional burrito with the Whole Foods 365 shredded Jack cheese, hummus, refried beans, and broccoli.  
  • Salmon burgers: The salmon burgers are great and simple dinner with New Primal BBQ Sauce and sweet potato fries.
  • Salmon fillets: We'll roast these in the toaster oven and use the Gotham Greens pesto (which we love!) over them, along with cauliflower rice. 
  • Pizza night: The Cappello's crust pizzas are great because you can make them healthier with toppings, so we'll do mozzarella, broccoli, and pesto sauce or avocado smash with Himalayan salt and truffle oil, sometimes radicchio. It's a good way to sneak in vegetables.

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