Here's What Happened When I Tried An Infrared Sauna To Reduce My Chronic Health Symptoms

Founder of Thyroid Yoga® By Fern Olivia
Founder of Thyroid Yoga®
Fern Olivia is a speaker and influencer on the power of integrative medicine, yoga, and holistic lifestyle practices. She graduated Cum Laude from Syracuse University with a degree in Biomedical Engineering and Entrepreneurship & Emerging Enterprises.

In the midst of illness while working a full-time job in finance, starting my wellness company, and teaching yoga around New York City, I tried every juice cleanse and detox diet I could find to help with the pressure and depression I felt during this time. As soon as I would finish each cleanse or diet, it felt like my efforts were eliminated in the face of the toxins all around me—whether from the subway or the food I ate when I wasn’t home to cook a meal customized to my dietary needs. Most times it felt as though nothing was working.

Intuitively, I knew I needed to sweat to help heal my body from Hashimoto’s, because the thyroid gland, our thermostat, helps us maintain our temperature and overall hormone balance. Sweating is one of our body’s healthiest and most effective ways to eliminate toxins. It’s an essential element of detoxification. However, those with Hashimoto’s and hypothyroid symptoms often are told by their primary care doctor that strenuous exercise is not recommended because it can trigger adrenal fatigue, which is also commonly linked to Hashimoto’s and hypothyroid conditions.

Sweating through infrared sauna therapy is one of the pillars of my proven 5-Step Cleanse to Maximize Thyroid, Adrenal, Immune & Digestive Health. Because infrared light penetrates deeper, the heat pulls out toxins deep under the skin and exfoliates them through the skin—which is amazing for detoxifying and weight loss. Some of the benefits may be noticeable immediately—saunas raise our core body temperature; and thus, our thyroid gland doesn’t have to work as hard to manage our metabolism and warmth. Studies have also shown that saunas can help many chronic conditions like Lyme, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue—and are great for those recovering from addiction or depression. It's wasn't long before the sauna became my place of healing and meditation.

Here are some of the benefits I noticed right away when I began using my infrared sauna:

Mental clarity

My intuition and clairvoyance improved, which in my opinion seems linked to infrared saunas and their ability to stimulate blood flow and decrease inflammation. You feel the improvement in your circulation immediately, and brain fog won’t stand a chance!

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Pain relief

Since starting my infrared sauna sessions, my muscles have become more relaxed—especially since I lead a very active life. A few sauna sessions a week have really helped alleviate sore muscle and joints. Infrared sauna heat works by penetrating joints, muscles, and tissues; increasing circulation; and generating more oxygen flow to injured areas of the body. The heat flushes out lactic acid, helping muscles to loosen, reducing soreness, minor aches, stiff muscles, and muscle spasms. Infrared saunas can help alleviate suffering from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, migraines, arthritis, and joint pain, all which are very common symptoms in those with thyroid conditions.

Healthy skin

I radiate! My skin glows, and it’s obvious to see. Of course, diet and genetics play a large part in this, but I found that infrared saunas left me with an undeniable glow. Plus, these saunas are known for unlocking toxins trapped beneath and treating dry skin, acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

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Slow thyroid function in hypothyroid and Hashimoto’s can often lead to chronically low body temperature—commonly experienced as cold hands and feet. Lowered body temperature can cause a series of health concerns including frequent infections, candida, or worse: tumor growth. One of the hallmark symptoms of hypothyroidism is increased vulnerability to infection. The increase in body temperature from the sauna enhances your white blood cell function, helping your body fight infections, ultimately boosting overall lymphatic function.

Curious about what an infrared sauna experience is like? We spoke to founder of Higher DOSE Lauren Berlingeri to talk all things sweat and health.

Fern Olivia
Fern Olivia
Fern Olivia is a speaker and influencer on the power of integrative medicine, yoga, and holistic...
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Fern Olivia
Fern Olivia
Fern Olivia is a speaker and influencer on the power of integrative...
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